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14th November 2006




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These minutes are subject to approval at the meeting to be held on December 12th.

 Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall on November 14th 2006


Cllr Mrs Ashcroft                                                         Cllr H Richards

Cllr Mrs Cansdale                                                        Cllr J Rymer Jones - Chairman

Cllr M Conway                                                            Cllr Mrs G Scott

Cllr C Friend                                                                Cllr P Whapham

Cllr B Gaertner

Also in attendance Cllr N Bell, Ashford Borough Council.

Apology for absence from Cllr R Brown.

Cllr Mrs B Swain had written to announce her resignation from the council due to ill health. The Chairman had replied to express the Council’s thanks for past service and hopes for a good recovery.

Eight parishioners were present.

1   There were no alterations to members Register of Interests

2    The Chairman read a statement outlining his views of the way forward for the council for the next five months until the May 2007 elections. He hoped the divisions of the past could be set aside and that all could work together for the benefit of the village. He particularly highlighted two recent events that he felt reflected unfavourably on the village, namely, the vandalism of youths overturning the temporary Portaloo in the car park and the disgraceful removal and scattering of the remembrance crosses planted around the war memorial. Those responsible should be ashamed.

3    Items raised by parishioners present

·        The new Chairman and Vice Chairman were welcomed and thanks expressed to the previous office holders.

·        Warm appreciation was voiced for the recent “Blaze” event.

·        The near completion of the new Post Office was pleasing but for any future project more transparency was essential to allay concerns.

4    The minutes of the meeting held on October 10th were approved and signed by the Chairman

5   Items not covered elsewhere on the agenda


      Cllr Friend said enough volunteers were now available and a trial using borrowed           equipment would be organised in conjunction with the Police.

      CCTV for sports clubs/car park area

      Cllr Conway said one possible grant from Ashford BC had been refused but he             was hopeful of a different grant of £1,500. A decision should be known by late           December. Cllr Bell said if details were passed to him he would follow up the            refusal of the ABC grant.                                                                      31/2006-7

      Youth Club equipment

      Cllr Mrs Cansdale said this was now secure pending a possible “new home” for it.

      Other Youth matters

      The Chairman would be meeting Ian Brookes (the area youth organiser) at the end of  November and he would welcome “youth ideas” from any councillor or indeed  from any parishioner.

      Temporary “Portaloo”

      This had been provided for the benefit of villagers and visitors but it was            disappointing that it had been so regularly vandalised. The Chairman said he hoped villagers would report and deter the culprits otherwise it would be removed.

      Councillors agreed that its provision should be funded from the council’s            “Contingency” budget.


6    New Post Office/toilets update

      Cllr Bell reported that everything was going well and the official opening would be on November 24th.

      Cllr Mrs Scott said our solicitor had produced an initial draft lease between the Parish Council and the Postmistress. This would be examined and the final           document would be subject to approval by the Parish Council. Cllrs Conway and       Gaertner said they would like to consider subsequent drafts before presentation to   the full council.

      Cllr Whapham said he would be happy to be a Council member on the proposed  Post Office/toilets/car park Advisory Group. Cllr Gaertner volunteered to be a second member. Two non council members would also be sought.       Recommendations of the Group would be subject to full Council approval.

      The Council agreed that subject to the architect’s verification the builders           monthly bills should be paid without delay.   


7    Ashford Borough Council report

      Cllr Bell said draft estimates had been received for improving the south side       pavement. These were,

·        Relay as now. £60,000 taking 60 days

·        Relay with smooth strip (like N side) £55,000 taking 40 days

·        Short stretch from Post Office to car park entrance.

      Smooth strip £22,000 taking 15 days.

The conflict between historic “listing” and disabled access would need addressing and Cllr Bell suggested a meeting between KCC, our local County Councillor and the Parish Traffic and Pedestrians Committee. This was agreed.

 8   Millennium Field and Jubilee Meadow Committee

      Cllr Richards said the next meeting of the Committee would be in January.

      He reported that the annual Stewardship Grant would be £270 and if a small fruit  tree plantation was established there was the possibility of a further £600 annual       grant. The Committee would follow up.

      The gate to the school path was still awaiting attention.

      It was confirmed that estimates should be obtained for a height barrier to the MF car park.


      Cllr Richards proposed a formal Vote of Thanks to BEST for the wonderful Blaze  night. Cllr Mrs Ashcroft seconded this and all councillors warmly supported the Vote. The Chairman had already written to BEST expressing appreciation.


9   Traffic and Pedestrians Committee

      Cllr Friend said pavement items had been dealt with under 7 above.

      He was progressing a standard “P” sign for directing visitors to the Gordon Jones car park.

      Also being examined was the possibility of a “kissing gate” at the end of             Cheeselands to be “the other end” of the footpath from the Mansion House Close     “kissing gate”


10    Planning – see below

            OMAI report.

            The Chairman’s reply to Ashford Borough Council was noted with approval.

      11    Finance – see below

      The revised Finance Committee Terms of Reference and Financial Regulations   were approved.

      The revision of the Clerk’s hours was approved.

      A meeting of the Finance Committee would be arranged soon to consider the    2007/8 budget. The Clerk had already prepared some “first thoughts.”

      It was agreed that the CCTV scheme (see 5 above) was very important and as soon as the grant situation was clear a decision on whether to press ahead quickly   would be made – possibly in the current financial year.

      The Chairman tabled proposals for allocating £1400 of the money earned from the  village recycling to worthy village causes. (This was agreed at the council         meeting on September 12th) The list was unanimously approved and the Clerk    would arrange payment.

12    Correspondence – see below

      The Council was particularly supportive of a village Community Support Police Officer and the Clerk was asked to expedite the matter.


13    KAPC Annual Meeting – November 4th

      Cllr Friend summarised the main items covered.


14    Items for future consideration

·        Clear weeds by Teasels

·        Cllr Mrs Cansdale would check if any replacement litter bins were needed for those missing “their inside container”

·        Current position re possible Weavers car parking

·        Any progress on possible new Surgery?

·        Do we know about the new strategic water main passing through the area?

·        Cllr Gaertner said we should be alert for more telecoms mast proposals.


15    Next meeting

            December 12th 2006

            The meeting closed at 9.35pm   Graham Smith, Parish Clerk.     01622 890596




The Council considered the following at its meeting on November 14th 2006

 Decisions received from Ashford Borough Council


06/01086   Banky Meadow, Chart Hills Golf Club. Double sided banner.

                        Advertisment consent until November 1st and then to be removed

06/01153   Ashenden Farm, Bell Lane. Farmhouse to replace mobile home.

                                                                        Permission granted with conditions

06/01256   Colt House, Cranbrook Rd. Kennels & Cattery sign.

                                                                        Advertisement consent granted

06/1340&41  Low Poles Barn, Fosten Lane. Overall barn roof to replace flat roofs and                              conversion of milking parlour.                         Withdrawn

06/01400   The Barn, Mill Hatch. New single garage.    Permission granted.

06/01409   Rogley Lodge, Cranbrook Rd. Two replacement outbuildings etc,

                                                                        Permission granted

06/01544   Park Farm Cottage, Frittenden Rd. Single storey side extension.

                                                                        Permission granted

06/01720   Goldwell Farmhouse, Tenterden Rd. Change of use paddock to garden.

                                                                        Permission granted

06/01764   Spring Hill, Tenterden Rd. Two storey front and side extensions

                                                                        Withdrawn by applicant

06/02030   Lashenden Farm, Headcorn Rd. Building for general store etc.

                                                                        Planning permission is required.

Planning Appeals


05/02082 & 3   41 North Street.Extension and alterations. Both appeals dismissed


The following were considered by the Council Planning Group

06/01468   13-15 High St. Change of use from restaurant to two dwellings.        No objections

06/01898   Westholme, 11 Cot Lane. Changed windows & rear extension. No objections.

06/01937   Rogley Farm, Cranbrook Rd. Two storey rear extension.    No objections

06/02000&2   Dashmonden Place, High Halden Rd. New Conservatory.          No objections

06/02043   6 The Nightingales. Ground&first floor extensions.               No objections


To be considered by the full council

06/02070   Land adjacent to New House Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Detached house & garage

                                                                                                                Object – Over development

TC06/00157   John Mayne School. Various tree works            No objections



The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on November 14th 2006


£368.00           S Keen, Lengthsman, Wages                                        1740


£523.20 *        G Smith, Clerk, Salary                                      1741


£167.74 *        G Smith, Clerk, Back Pay                                             1742


£66.25             KAPC. Course fee (Cllr Scott) AGM (Cllr Friend)  Paid 16.10.06 (1734)


£1.57               Mid Kent Water. Standing Charge for toilets.          Paid 16.10.06 (1735)


£1787.18         Cyma Architects. PO Stage Work K                          Paid 22.10.06+(1736)


£17,855.46      Rossmark Builders. First PO payment             Paid 22.10.06+(1738)

                                                            + Payment agreed at Council meeting on 10.10.06


£781.45           Ashford BC. Building Control inspection for PO/toilets              1743


£840.00           Deposit for installation of PO Security equipment. Paid 4.11.06 1739   


£51.95             KAPC for “Local Council Administration” volume.(Council “bible”) 1744


£42.50             M Johnstone. Printing etc for PO opening ceremony                              1745


£303.00           Active Signs Ltd. Signage for new Post Office                           1746


£84.60             Four Jays Group. Provision of temporary Portaloo from 23.10.06         1747


£275.00           WJ Collins FCCA. Independent cash flow advice re PO/Toilet scheme    1748

                        (11 hours at £25 per hour)

£76.36             Mrs R Ashton.  Relocation of digital PO scales.                         1749


£140.26           R King, Odd Job man.                                                              1750

                        (£69.80 war memorial plants, £37.96 weed killer for pavement)

Monies received


£5000.00         Ashford BC Community Grant for PO/Toilets


Correspondence received up to November 14th 2006

(Follow up action in italics)

1        Letter from Cllr Mrs Swain resigning due to ill health

            (Chairman has replied)

2        Letter from Mr Harris concerning recycling area.

      (No immediate prospect of relocation but will be borne in mind)


3        Ashford BC. Local Dev. Framework. Core strategy. Submission document.

      (Section 6 to be copied to all councillors for their comments)


4        Police Community Support Officers. Details of how to apply and costs.

      (Council very interested – Clerk to confirm with Police)


5        Letter from PC Recycling Committee suggesting distribution of funds.

            (Also letter from T Churton re above distribution)  Agreed


6        KCC. Details of Kentcarshare scheme.


7        SE Regional Assembly. Details of (plan) examinations in public


8        Ashford BC “Towards a Play Strategy”. Passed to Cllr Gaertner


9        Victim Support (Kent) Request for donation. (Have helped 1330 people in Ashford area April-September 2006) Review donation at end of financial year.


10    T Wells BC. Local Dev. Framework. Renewable Energy consultation.


11  KCC. Ashford Local Board. Meeting on waste 23rd November at ABC

      Passed to Cllr Richards.


12  Office of Deputy Prime Minister. Suite of booklets on various issues.


13  Southern Water. Autumn update on drought.


14    KCC Consultation on “Guide to Development Contributions and the provision of  Community Infrastructure” Passed to Cllr Gaertner.


15    Ashford BC. “Telecare” Conference December 6th

      Passed to Cllr Mrs Ashcroft


16    “Caudwell” disabled childrens charity. Request for donation.

      Review donation at end of financial year

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