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12th December 2006




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                              Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall on December 12th 2006


Cllr Mrs J Ashcroft                                                       Cllr B Gaertner

Cllr Mrs E Cansdale                                                     Cllr H Richards

Cllr M Conway                                                            Cllr J Rymer Jones - Chairman

Cllr C Friend                                                                Cllr P Whapham


Apologies for absence – Cllr R Brown, Cllr Mrs G Scott also Cllr N Bell, Ashford BC

Seven parishioners were present.


1        There were no alterations to members Register of Interests


      2    Items raised by Parishioners present (formal meeting closed)

·        A suggestion that the grassed area behind the bus stop by the entrance to The Weavers become a village car parking space was not favoured by those parishioners present. They said they had emailed their views to Cllr Bell (ABC) but had received no replies to date. The Chairman said there was clearly a problem of lack of parking space for The Weavers, which is very narrow, and it must be examined carefully. It would be a future agenda item and he would ask Cllr Bell for an update on Ashford BCs views. (Cllr Bell subsequently advised the Clerk that he had not received any emails)

·        Dr Winch (Headcorn/Biddenden surgery) said he had useful discussions with Ashford BC Planning about a possible location for a new Biddenden surgery. It was agreed Dr Winch would present some outline plans (with size and location) of his ideas to the February 13th 2007 Council meeting.


3   (Formal meeting reopened)

      The minutes of the Meeting held on November 14th were approved and signed      by the Chairman.


4        Update on matters not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

      CCTV coverage of the sports clubs/car park area

      Cllr Conway said Ashford BC had agreed a £1500 grant towards this scheme. The       Clerk was asked to check payment details from ABC.

      Cllr Whapham proposed, and Cllr Friend seconded, that the CCTV scheme        should now go ahead as it was of benefit to the whole village. All agreed. The       Parish   Council would fund it and the Village Hall Management Committee     and/or sports clubs would make a contribution to the overall costs. “Add on”     cameras would be considered for the main village car park and the Millennium           Field entrance area.

      Youth matters

      The Chairman said he had discussed the reactivation of the Youth Club with Ian             Brooks (ABC Youth Worker) and he was prepared to try again. However it is    important  to establish exactly “what the youth want” and vital to involve         parents. Cllrs Gaertner and Richards would discuss with ABC and report back.

      It was noted that “Youth funding” was available and the Chairman would be      attending a Funding Fair on February 1st to see what could be obtained.  

      Police Community Support Officer

      We have registered our desire to have a dedicated Parish PCSO and we must now       await Kent Police to progress. An officer is unlikely to be in post before Spring   2007.

      Litter bins

      Four new “insides” are required for old type bins or if not available four new style          standard litter bins.

      Car park lighting

      Cllr Whapham suggested some lighting in the Millennium Field car park would   make it more “user friendly” at times of high demand. It was agreed the matter     would be considered after the CCTV scheme is implemented. (see above)


5        Post Office/toilets/car park

      It was noted the Post Office opened on November 23rd and was officially opened          on November 24th by PO Officials, Cllr Rymer Jones, Cllr N Bell and village   schoolchildren . It was a most successful event followed by a buffet in the Village           Hall to which parishioners were welcome.

      The contract between the Parish Council and the Postmistress is still under         discussion with the Council’s solicitors but as soon as a draft is available it will be             presented to the Council. Cllrs Ashcroft and Conway asked for an early sight of             the draft.

      The Clerk was asked to contact the District Valuer about the level of rates.

      The Clerk was asked to advertise for a toilet cleaning lady or man.


6        Millennium Field and Jubilee Meadow

      Cllr Richards said the next Committee meeting was due in January.

      There were drainage problems on the main road by Cllr Conways’s house that led         to excess water flowing through the Gordon Jones and Millennium Field car             parks. It had been reported to Southern Water and the Clerk was asked to add the            Council’s concern to Southern Water.

      The Chairman asked for a 2007-8 budget forecast for the MF&JM Committee.

      Cllr Richards agreed to supply.


7        Traffic and Pedestrians

      Cllr Friend said the Committee met on November 23rd.

      There were now 8 parishioners interested in the Speedwatch scheme and Police            training would take place in the New Year.

      KCC had been asked to provide a “P” sign directing visitors into the GJ/MF car            parks.

      A sign on the Squash Club wall directing visitors to the (large) MF car park was            suggested. The Clerk said he would arrange on receipt of details.

      The Weavers car parking had been covered under 2 above.

      A meeting would be held with KCC in the New Year to establish exactly what was sensible to improve the south side pavement bearing in mind access          requirements and cost constraints. (The Council has made 2007-8 budget       provision to assist improvements)

      A kissing gate was under consideration at The Meadows end of the Mansion     House Close footpath. The path could then be appropriately surfaced.

      Cllr Mrs Ashcroft agreed to contact KCC re yellow lining the east side of the    dropped curbs by Turners Stores to prevent the disabled access being blocked.




8        Planning (see attached)

      The Chairman said he was keen that all councillors had an input into how they    saw the development of the village over the next 5 to 10 years. He circulated a             detailed map to each councillor on which they were asked to mark any             developments   that they thought appropriate and then return to the Chairman. The         input would be confidential and from the proposals a “master map” would be          produced for discussion at the February 13th meeting.


9        Finance (see attached)

      The 2007-8 budget (already circulated to councillors) was formally tabled by the           Finance Committee.

      The Council agreed with the proposals and adopted the budget.

      It was suggested that if the new toilet works were completed on time then the car           park could be resurfaced in the current financial year rather than in 2007-8. The             surface was very poor and in urgent need of attention.

      The Chairman said it was noteworthy that the precept had been reduced by £3000        even though £8000 was allocated for resurfacing the car park and £22,500 was       allocated as parish support for (KCC) improvements to the south side pavement            The council would still have reserves in the order of £22,000 as required by       financial regulations.


10    Correspondence (see attached)

      With reference to item 1 (ABC Code of Conduct training) Cllrs Mrs Ashcroft,   Mrs Cansdale, Gaertner, Friend, Rymer Jones and the Clerk would attend.)


11    Items for future consideration

      The Weavers car parking

      ABC Telecare scheme

      Recycling – the way forward. (Cllr Richards to join the Group)

      South side pavement works

      “Biddenden’s future” – Discussion on councillors ideas. (February meeting)


12    Next meeting

      January 9th 2007


The meeting closed at 9.30pm and the Chairman wished everybody a

Happy Christmas


Graham Smith, Parish Clerk.           01622 890596


Biddenden Parish Council

The Council considered the following at its meeting on December 12th 2006


Decisions received from Ashford Borough Council


05/01232   Telecomms mast, Olivers Foods, Bell Lane.            Permission granted.

06/00210   15 Headcorn Rd. Rear & porch extensions etc.       Permission granted.

06/01898   11 Cot Lane. Front bay windows, dormers & rear extension. Refused.

06/01937   Rogley Farm, Cranbrook Rd. Rear extension.         Permission granted.

06/02010   Holden Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Side extension.        Permission not required

                                                                                                (Agricultural building)

06/02043   6 The Nightingales, Various extensions                    Permission granted.

06/02070   Land adjacent to New House Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Detached house&garage


TC06/00157   John Mayne School. Various tree works.           No objections.


The Council is asked to consider the following


06/02126   Lashenden Farm, Headcorn Rd. Building as machinery, fertiliser & general                   store. No objections. (Cllr Richards declared an interest)

06/02202   The Barn, Mill Hatch, Tenterden Rd. Front extension & other alterations

                     Object. Over development of the site. (Cllr Conway declared an interest)

06/02212   Fernwood, Cranbrook Rd. Variation of 1983 planning permission to permit                                storage of 100 caravans.

                        Object. Poor access and site too small for numbers proposed.

                        Other storage sites available. (Cllr Richards declared an interest)

06/02223   Cellars, rear of 30 High St. Change of use from office to single bedroom                        dwelling. No objections.

06/02353   Strategic water main. Bewl Water to Ashford. Cranbrook-Biddenden section.

                                  No objections.

TC 06/00174   Westfield, Tenterden Rd. Work to willow tree. No objections.

Biddenden Parish Council

The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on December 12th 2006


£368.00           S Keen, Lengthsman, Wages                                                    1765


£523.20           G Smith, Clerk, Salary                                                  1766


£102.24           Ashford BC. Rates for car park to 31.03.07                             1767


£752.00           AJ Sowery. Mowing. (This is the first account since May 12th) 1768


£206.80           Four Jays. Provision of “Portaloo” in car park               1769


£50.00             G Smith (Cash Christmas box to Lengthsman)               1770


The following “Recycling” payments were made on November 24th to organisations agreed at the meeting on November 14th (item 11)


£300.00           John Mayne School


£100.00           Little Teds Nursery


£100.00           John Mayne Out of School Club


£50.00             Mrs V Corke (Biddenden Toddler Group)


£250.00           Biddenden Village Hall


£200.00           Biddenden Squash Club


£200.00           Biddenden Tennis Club


£200.00           Biddenden Transport Service


The following “Post Office” payments were made on December 2nd as agreed at the meeting on November 14th (item 6)


£300.00           H Hoad. BPC Supervision of the project


£1134.00         K S Security. Balance for PO Security equipment (Deposit paid 14.11.06)


£24, 875.87     Rossmark Construction. Balance for completion of PO contract.

                        (Total paid £42,731.33)


£62.33             Mrs Cansdale. Refreshments for opening ceremony


£700.00           121 Security Services. Surveillance of site to prevent vandalism