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12th September 2006




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These minutes are subject to approval at the meeting to be held on October 10th

Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall on September 12th 2006


Cllr Mrs E Cansdale – Vice Chairman Cllr B Gaertner

Cllr Mrs J Ashcroft Cllr H Richards

Cllr M Conway Cllr J Rymer Jones

Cllr C Friend

Also present Cllr N Bell, Ashford Borough Council, and six parishioners.

Apologies for absence from Cllrs Brown, Mrs Scott, Mrs Swain and Whapham.

In the absence of the Chairman the Vice Chairman (Mrs Cansdale) took the Chair.

1 There were no alterations to members Register of Interests.

2 Items raised by parishioners present.

· Two parishioners complained about the level of noise from the recent Fair held on the Gordon Jones Field. Also it was felt that some local damage probably arose from attendees at the Fair. Cllr Conway said he felt the Fair was an appropriate event for the village but if repeated its exact location, “policing” and the charges paid should be reviewed.

· Some dog bins were not being emptied regularly.

· Refuse from activities in the Squash Club was not being removed by those causing it.

· Concerns about the ongoing costs of maintaining the new village Post Office/toilets/car park scheme and the figures used to justify the project.

3  Minutes of the meeting held on August 8th 2006

These were approved and signed by the Chairman with the addition under item 6 that “it was agreed that a letter would be prepared by Cllr Gaertner, for Council approval, to Gillian Clark concerning minute 3 of the July meeting where Gillian Clark maintained she was not “complaining” but rather “expressing concern”.

4 Matters for information from previous minutes


The Clerk said he had received two offers to help with monitoring. Cllr Friend said he had received five but he would check whether his five included the Clerks two. The request for help on the notice boards would be revised to indicate that a core of villagers was now available as this might encourage a few more volunteers. At least six were necessary to make the scheme workable.

CCTV (in sports club/car park area)

Cllr Conway said he had applied for some grants and that he should know the outcome by the end of November. As a result of further enquiries he considered the scheme outlined at the August meeting to be good value for money.

Litter bins

Councillors had no specific suggestions for additional bins. However Cllr Bell would be asked to look at the possibility of a cardboard recycling bin. The Clerk said he had previously discussed this with ABC but they were not supportive in view of the cost incurred v. revenue obtained.

5 Post Office/toilets/car park

Cllr Bell (for the Post Office Committee) reported the “good news” that the project was now underway. Also the Post Office grant of £20,000 was being paid any day now and Ashford BC had agreed a £3000 p.a. grant towards cleaning the new toilets.

Councillors felt the Biddenden Post Office website should be updated to only reflect the work going on and the associated costs. It should be made clear that it is not a Parish Council website. Cllr Richards proposed and Cllr Mrs Ashcroft seconded that if the desired alterations were not made the website should be closed.

6 Millennium Field and Jubilee Meadow Committee

Cllr Richards said there had not been a Committee meeting since the last PC meeting, however he had been clarifying field locations and details with DeFRA.

Cllr Richards proposed and Cllr Conway seconded that a replacement gate be purchased for the one stolen. This was agreed.

Cllr Richards proposed and Cllr Mrs Ashcroft seconded that a height restriction bar be obtained to restrict access to the Millennium Field car park. This was agreed.

7 Traffic and Pedestrians Committe

Cllr Friends report of August 10th had been circulated to all councillors and the items were being progressed. Next meeting October 12th.

It was reported that the tarmac in front of the recycling bins had been damaged. The Clerk was asked to arrange repairs.

8 Planning (See below)

9 Finance

· The payments (below) were approved

· The notes of a meeting of the Finance Group on August 29th had been circulated to all councillors. The Clerk explained that following discussion with KAPC it was, in fact, correct to have a “Committee” rather than “Group”. The Clerk was asked to obtain confirmation from KAPC and the issue would be revisited at the October meeting.

As regards item 6 of the notes it was s s agreed a “Post Office/toilets/car park

Management Group be set up to run the scheme after completion.

With reference to item 7 it was agreed the Recycling Group be given authority to recommend the spending priorities for recycling income.

In both the above cases Group recommendations for expenditure would need full council approval. Both the above agreements were proposed by Cllr Conway and seconded by Cllr Mrs Cansdale. All Councillors agreed.

· The Chairman confirmed a reply had been sent to Mr Greensted re his letter of August 16th.

10 Correspondence (See attached)

11 Items for future consideration

· Quality Parish Council

· Composition of Post Office Liaison Committee

· Contract with the tenant of the new Post Office

12  Next meeting

October 10th (7 pm for Councillors presentation, 7.30 pm normal meeting)

Cllr Mrs Ashcroft apologised in advance for her absence.


Graham Smith, Parish Clerk 01622 890596

The Council considered the following planning matters at its meeting on September 12th 2006

Decisions received from Ashford Borough Council

06/00622 Heartsay Garage, Headcorn Road. 2 pairs of semi detached houses. Refused.

06/00895 Garden Crafts, Sissinghurst Rd. Sale of garden ornaments and garden centre.

Is lawful

06/01026 Great Batchelors, Sissinghurst Rd. New gated entrance. Granted.

06/01042 Goldwell Farm, Tenterden Rd. Sign to advertise farm shop. Refused.

06/01065 Westerley, Summerhill Oast. Existing use of property as separate dwelling.

Is lawful

06/01073 Randolph Lodge Oast, Fosten Lane.Replacement of existing garage by timber garage with study over. Granted.

06/01090&1 Pell house Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Extension and alterations. Granted.

06/01119 Shortswood Cottage, Tenterden Rd. Change of use from holiday let to independent dwelling. Refused

06/01141 17 Townland Close. Two storey extension. Granted

06/01229 River Hall Oast. Change of use of garage to playroom/office. Granted.


04/02237 Oaklands Farm, Fosten Green. Stationing of mobile home. Appeal allowed.

05/01632 Jungalow, Bell Lane. Replacement “eco barn” energy efficient property.

Appeal allowed

06/00875 Apsley Farm, Pook Lane. Swimming pool and facilties inc. double garage

Appeal lodged

The council’s Planning Group made the following decisions.

06/01086 Banky Meadow by Chart Hills Golf Club. Temporary advert. No objections.

06/01320 Field Cottage, Tenterden Rd. Replacement of PVC windows. No objections.

06/01340&1 Low Poles Farm, Fosten Lane. Replacing flat roofs etc. No objections.

06/01356 Rogers Hill, Cranbrook Rd. Conversion of garage to accommodation.

No objections.

06/01446&1525 New House Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Replacement conservatory.

No objections

06/01503 Westerley, Summerhill Oast, Cranbrook Rd. Extension for two additional bedrooms. No objections.

The full council considered the following

06/01256 Colt House, Cranbrook Rd. Display of boarding kennels & cattery sign. (retrospective) No objections

06/01409 Rogley Lodge, Cranbrook Rd. Demoltion of existing outbuildings and erection of three new buildings. No objections

06/01429 Westfield, Tenterden Rd. Replacement of single garage with double garage with studio over etc. No objections

06/01513 White House Farm, Hareplain Rd. Add lean-to to one side of existing dutch barn

(Cllr Richards declared an interest and did not vote) No objections

06/01720 Goldwell Farmhouse, Tenterden Rd. Change of use of land paddock to garden

(Cllr Richards declared an interest and did not vote) No objections

The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on September 12th 2006

£368.00 S Keen, Lengthsman, Wages. (At its meeting on August 8th the council agreed to increase Mr Keen’s wages but this has been declined for

Tax Credit reasons.) 1710

£457.95 G Smith, Clerk, Salary 1711

£100.00 G Smith, Imprest (expenses) account. February – September 2006. 1712

£52.00 R King, Odd Job Man. Various works around village. 1713

£39.15 Webbs Ironmongers. Brooms etc for Lengthsman 1714

£105.00 Society of Local Council Clerks. Membership. (Agreed 08.08.06) 1715

£50.00 BTCV Tree and Pond wardens (Agreed 08.08.06) 1716

£45.00 BEST. Advert in Blaze programme 1717

£6954.78 Thomson, Snell and Passmore. Fees for PO/Toilets/car park scheme. 1718

£806.05 Peter Brett Associates. Structural Engineer for PO scheme. 1719

(This is a one off payment – nothing else due)

£22.94 M Conway. (Gift to J Wheadon) 1720

£200.00 All Saints, Biddenden. Council inserts in Parish Magazine. 1721

The following was paid on August 20th (previously agreed by the council)

£663.88 Wicksteed Leisure. Maintenance of play equipment. 1707

£110.45 Iden Signs. Car park and toilet signs. 1708


£300.00 P Shayler. Fun Fair for use of the ground

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