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11th July 2006




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These minutes are subject to approval at the meeting to be held on August 8th 2006

 Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall on July 11th 2006


Cllr P Whapham – Chairman                                                    Cllr B Gaertner

Cllr Mrs E Cansdale – Vice Chairman                           Cllr H Richards

Cllr R Brown                                                                            Cllr  J Rymer Jones

Cllr M Conway                                                                        Cllr Mrs G Scott

Cllr C Friend

Also present 13 parishioners and Cllr N Bell, Ashford Borough Council

Apologies for absence from Cllrs Mrs Ashcroft and Mrs Swain.


1        The Chairman welcomed Mr Gaertner to his first meeting as a new councillor.

      The Clerk confirmed Mr Gaertner had signed the necessary paperwork.

2        There were no alterations to members Register of Interests.

3        Items raised by parishioners present

      Mrs Ashton said she objected to the comments concerning the Post Office made by Cllr Conway in the Parish Magazine. She emphasised that she had resigned  from the Council so as to speak out on Post Office matters and not for any other reasons. She felt Cllr Conway should apologise for his inaccurate comments.

      Mr Carr said he wanted to remind councillors of the importance of the Parish  Design Statement in reaching planning decisions. He would also like the Council   to press for the removal of unnecessary signs around the parish roads.

      Mr Kingston complained about (in his view) the poor grass cutting on the Village Green. He was also concerned that only Tenterden Tigers used the football  pitches and not village teams. He felt that some Ashford BC tenants were causing serious disruption in the village. (In response Cllr Richards said the grass should not be cut too short in this dry weather; the Clerk said nobody else wished to use   the football pitches and village people would be welcome to join Tenterden Tigers; Cllr Bell said  he would take up the tenant problem.)

      Mr Churton felt that the dog bins should be emptied more regularly (this is the responsibility of ABC) and the bin by the tennis courts needed the surrounding  trees trimming (put in hand). He reported that the childrens play area needed  weeding and hedge trimming (put in hand).The hedges opposite the village hall were overgrowing the pavement. (Cllr Conway agreed to speak to the people concerned).He considered a new litter bin was needed by the recycling bins. He also reported that the verge grass by Woolpack Corner was obstructing clear  views of oncoming traffic. (The Clerk said this had been reported and the work         had been carried out by KCC)

      Finally Mr Churton wished to record his appreciation of the sports activities being organised by Mr Swain.

      Cllr Conway circulated a letter (to councillors) from Gillian Clark basically  complaining about the costs of running the new Post Office/toilets/car park. The Chairman said a reply would be sent after time to consider its three pages.


4        Minutes of the meeting held on May 16th.

      These were approved and signed by the Chairman with the following amendments

·        Min 8. “Cllr Mrs Scott said she wished to stand down….........


5        Matters for information

·        Mr Hewitt would present his War Memorial proposals at a later meeting

·        Mr Rymer Jones said KAPC felt it was important to involve youth in local democracy matters and that is why a “youth slot” would be useful at Parish Council meetings. The Council would welcome this if “youth” came forward with such a request. The matter would be kept alive.

·        Cllr Mrs Cansdale reported that the dilapidated seat by The Weavers bus shelter would be replaced by the Brown family at no cost to the council.

·        Cllr Mrs Cansdale reported on a recent Police meeting. Reported crimes in the Biddenden area for the November 2005 to April 2006 period were 47.


6        Post Office/toilets/car park 

      Cllr Brown declared an interest. He asked again that Cllr Conway should  apologise for his comments in the Parish Magazine. Cllr Conway declined and Cllr Brown left the Council meeting.

      Cllr Mrs Scott asked for Council approval to Cllr N Bell (ABC) becoming a full member of the Post Office Committee rather than an ex officio member. This was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by the Vice Chairman and agreed by the meeting.

      With the Chairman’s agreement Cllr Bell summarised the current position,

·        The lease terms with Ashford Borough Council had been clarified by Sue Lister of the Parish Council’s solicitors and the Lease and Agreement would be signed in the next few days allowing the builders to start work on the project. It was hoped the project would be completed in no more than 3 months. A Project Manager had been appointed to manage the project for the Council.

·        Ashford BC was very supportive of the project and would help as necessary.

·        £88,000 had been obtained in various grants towards the scheme and Cllr Bell felt everybody owed the PO Committee a debt of thanks for this excellent achievement.

            Cllr Gaertner thought the PO Committee website should now be updated to focus on the good news as the project got under way. Cllr Bell agreed to this. Cllr  Gaertner also asked for clarification of liabilities whilst the construction was in progress.

            Cllr Richards felt that the scheme should now be the responsibility of the full council and not just the PO Committee so that transparency of the eventual running costs was available. It was agreed that once the project was completed the   PO Committee in its present form would be inappropriate and a new management         committee structure should then be considered.


7        Millenium Field and Jubilee Meadow Committee

      Cllr Richards circulated the minutes of the Committee meeting held on May 31st    to all councillors.


8    Traffic and Pedestrians Committee

      Cllr Friend said the next meeting would be during the coming fortnight and he  would report at the August meeting.

      In the meantime we would seek volunteers to man “Speedwatch” monitoring  equipment. (Contact the Clerk for information)


9   Ashford Borough Council report

      Cllr Bell said he wished to report two main items,

·        A meeting with Cllr Hill (KCC) had agreed that estimates would be obtained for relaying the south side High Street pavement “as it is” and also as per the north side with a “smooth strip”. When these figures are available the possibility of grants can be explored. The Council supported this approach. In the meantime some “patch” repairs were in hand

·        The possibility of using the area outside The Weavers as a landscaped car parking area was being explored by ABC. The Housing department which had responsibility for the land might be able to contribute to a suitable scheme. The Council agreed that in principal it would contribute financially but naturally details would need to be carefully considered.

10      Planning  (See below)

       11   Finance (see below)

·        Cllr Rymer Jones asked for budget update at the next meeting.

·        Repairs to the “Sputnik” bearings and the rubber matting in the childrens play area were agreed as per Wicksteeds quote of 03.07.06 for £565.

·        It was agreed that no charge would be raised to the PCC for use of the (Council’s) marquee at the church fete.

·        It was agreed that the approach from Blackwood Bayne for managing the possible development of an all weather path around the Gordon Jones Field would be “put on hold” for the post May 2007 Council to consider.

·        It was agreed the Council would fund the proposed CCTV coverage of  the  GJ and MF car parks and the various sports facilities so as to reclaim VAT on the understanding that the BVHMC contributed the appropriate sum to the Parish Council. The BVHMC would manage the actual installation.

      12   Correspondence 

13      Next meeting – August 8th 2006


            The meeting closed at 9.40pm


            Graham Smith, Parish Clerk.     01622 890596                                    



The Council considered the following planning matters at its meeting on July 11th 2006

The following decisions have been received from Ashford Borough Council

06/00236   Great Batchelors Lodge, Sissinghurst Rd. Conversion of redundant agricultural building into a dwelling.                                                        Refused.

06/00491   Flagstones, High Halden Rd. Two storey rear extension.Granted

06/00513   6 Old Mill Court. Erection of home office in garden.            Withdrawn.

06/00529   Frogs Hole Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Change of use of land for keeping horses and erection of stables.                                                                        Granted.

06/00640   The Barn, Mill Hatch, Tenterden Rd. Use of annexe as independent dwelling in breach of 1973 condition.                                                                Use now lawful.

06/00683   Frogs Hole Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Erection of a garage.Granted.

06/00729   John Mayne School. Timber pavilion. (KCC scheme)          No objection.

06/00875   Apsley Farm, Pook Lane. Swimming pool & double garage. Refused.

06/00919   3 Three Chimneys Cottages.  Various extensions.    Withdrawn.

06/00989   2 Chulkhurst. Conversion of garage to living space.       Granted.

04/02237   Oaklands Farm, Fosten Green. Stationing of mobile home. Appeal on 27.07.06

05/02083   41 North St. Extension and alterations.                                Appeal to be heard.

TC06/00063  21 North St. Reduce canopy of 2 silver birch.             No objection.

TC06/00070  Froyden, Cloth Hall Gdns. Fell 1 birch & replace with new trees. No obj’n

TC06/00078   42 The Weavers. Remove one eucalyptus                      No objection

TPO No 14.  19 The Weavers. Remove dead oak.                               Go ahead       

The following decisions were made by the Councils Planning Group

05/01705   Land rear of Mill Hatch, Tenterden Rd. Erection of new single storey dwelling. (Cllrs Conway & Scott declared interest and abstained. Cllr Scott also left the meeting) No Obj.   06/00875   Apsley Farm, Pook Lane. Swimming pool & double garage. No objections.

06/00893   Rogley Farm, Cranbrook Rd. Two storey rear extension etc. No objections.

06/00918   3 Three Chimneys Cottages. Extensions to provide bathroom, bedroom etc.

                                                                                                                   No objections.

06/00943&5  New House Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Extension and alterations. No objections.

06/00953&4   2 High Street. Subdivision of first floor into 2 flats & change of use of ground floor to residential.                                                                    No objections.

06/00955   2 High Street. Repairs to roof etc.                                  No objections.

06/00989   2 Chulkhurst. Conversion of garage to living space.               No objections.

06/01011&2   53 North St. First floor extensions, replacement garage.   No objections.

TC06/00063   21 North St. Reduce canopy of 2 silver birch                        No objections.

TC06/00070   Froyden, Cloth Hall Gdns. Fell 1 birch & replace with new trees.No obj.

The full Council considered the following.

06/01026   Great Batchelors. New gated entrance.                                      No objections.

06/01042   Goldwell Farm, Tenterden Rd. Sign to advertise farm shop   Object.

06/01073   Randolph Lodge Oast, Fosten Lane. Replacement garage with study over

                                                                                                                   No objections.

06/01088   Spring Hill, Tenterden Rd. Two storey front and side extensions. Object.

06/01090&1   Pell House Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Extension and alterations etc (Resubmission-previous application withdrawn. BPC had no objections) No objections.

06/01112   Pedlars Farm, Mockbeggar Lane. Annex extension to main house. Object.

06/01141   17 Townland Close. Two storey extension                     No objections.

06/01153   Ashenden Farm, Bell Lane. New farmhouse to replace mobile home. Object.

06/01184   New House Farm, Gribble Bridge Lane. Change of use of barn to dwelling. No obj.




Councillors approved the following payments at the meeting on July 11th 2006


The following were paid as at the (cancelled) meeting on June 13th


£368.00           S Keen, Lengthsman, Wages                                                    1689

£457.95           G Smith, Clerk, Salary                                                  1690

£21.00             G Smith, Clerk. Back pay from 01.04.06 when NALC scales rose.1691

£200.00           All Saints Church. PC Insert in Church Magazine                      1692

£11.37             H Richards. Hasps & staples for MF – school path                   1693

£35.00             Action with Communities in Rural Kent – subscription   1694


For approval on July 11th

 £368.00           S Keen, Lengthsman, Wages                                                    1695

£457.95           G Smith, Clerk, Salary                                                  1696

£42.49             R King, Plants and maintenance of War Memorial                     1697

£96.00             Biddenden Club House, Hire of Village Hall.                 1698

£325.97           Mid Kent Water – Rates to 12.06.06                                       1699

£32.78             Mc Veigh Parker. Wire for MF dipping platforms.                    0171

£115.60           M Ellison. Survey of Millennium Field wildlife.               0172

£3235.37 (DD)Public Works Loan Board. MF & JM. 6 monthly loan repayment


The following monies have been received

 £162.78           Rural Payments Agency. Stewardship grant.

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