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These minutes are subject to approval at the meeting to be held on November 14th

Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall on

October 10th 2006


Cllr R Brown  Cllr H Richards

Cllr Mrs E Cansdale  Cllr J Rymer Jones

Cllr M Conway  Cllr Mrs G Scott

Cllr C Friend  Cllr P Whapham

Cllr B Gaertner

Apologies for absence from Cllrs Mrs Ashcroft & Mrs Swain & Cllr N Bell, Ashford BC

19 parishioners were present

1  The Chairman (Cllr P Whapham) opened the meeting and announced he wished to resign from the post of Chairman. Cllr Mrs Cansdale then announced she wished to resign from the post of Vice Chairman.

2  Cllr Whapham said for the council to continue it must elect a new Chairman and called for nominations.

  Cllr Mrs Cansdale proposed, and Cllr R Brown seconded, Cllr Rymer Jones.

  Cllr M Conway proposed, and Cllr H Richards seconded, Cllr B Gaertner.

  On voting Cllr J Rymer Jones was elected by 5 votes to 2

3  Cllr Rymer Jones then took the Chair and asked for nominations for Vice Chairman. He proposed, and Cllr R Brown seconded, Cllr C Friend. There were no other nominations and Cllr C Friend was elected Vice Chairman by 6 votes.

4  The new Chairman and Vice Chairman signed the “Acceptance of Office” book.

5  There were no alterations to members Register of Interests.

6  Parishioners questions (formal Council meeting closed for this item)

  The Chairman said he wished to keep this item focussed on brief questions rather   than long statements or discussion. Two main items were raised,

·  Weed clearing of footpath from Glebelands to the Churchyard

·  Progress of proposed CCTV scheme around the sports clubs

7  Minutes of the meeting held on September 12th 2006

  These were approved and signed by the Chairman with the following amendments

  Min.3 Delete after”Chairman” and insert “A letter of apology to be sent to   Gillian   Clark by Cllr Gaertner if considered necessary”

`  Min.5 Add “Cllr Richards requested an immediate confidential Council meeting to discuss the Freedom of Information and website matters”

  Min.5 Add after …not a Parish Council website “as Cllr Bell said the website   belonged to the Postmistress”

8  Matters for information arising from previous minutes


  Subject to confirmation Cllr Friend said 6 volunteers were now available.

  Cllr Conway reminded the Council that a £250 grant was already held towards the  scheme.

  CCTV around sports clubs and MF car park

  Cllr Conway said he had applied for £4,000 grants and a decision should be   known by the next meeting. No work could start until the grants were confirmed.


  The Chairman said Ashford BC was looking again at the possibility of cardboard   recycling.

  The possibility of recycling bins at Woodlands Caravan Park is under discussion

  between ABC and the site owners.

  Subsequent to the meeting the Clerk confirmed £2141 had been received this   financial year from ABC for our recycled items (paper, glass, cans, textiles).   Although received this year it would be in respect of 2005/6 collections.

  Gordon Jones car park tarmac repairs

  This work had been done.

  Cheeselands housing development (Sandeman Way TN27 8HP)

  Cllr Mrs Cansdale and the Clerk had met with Southern Housing concerning the   list of applicants for rented accommodation. Currently there are 19 applicants for   14 houses although the list is not yet closed. The Council has confirmed local   connections but the final allocation will be by Southern Housing.

  The properties should be available by mid January 2007

  Youth Club

  Cllr Mrs Cansdale said the Youth Club equipment must be moved to make space   for the additional doctors facilities. As the Youth Club was no longer operating   she suggested the equipment be passed to another youth club. Councillors   expressed concern about the failure of their village Youth Club and felt parents   within the village could support it for the benefit of their children.

  Parish Forum

  The Chairman said topics covered included proposed amendments to the “Code of   Conduct” regulations and the Ashford BC OMAI report which profiled parishes   and their possible development potential. We must respond to the consultation   required highlighting any inaccuracies and omissions in the document. The   Chairman said he would sign the reply.

9  Post Office/toilets/car park update.

  Cllr Brown declared an interest.

  The Clerk read Cllr Bell’s report which said the works were on schedule for the   new Post Office to open on 23rd of November. Work will then start on the toilets   with the aim of completion by mid February.

  The council approved the payment of the first builders account which was due   any day.

  The composition of the Post Office Liaison Committee was noted.

  The lease/contract between the council and the postmaster/mistress was in hand   by the council’s solicitor.

  It was confirmed that a new Post Office/toilets/car park management committee   be put in place ready for the completion of the project. Some non council   members would be sought.

  The Chairman proposed that the Clerk progress the possibility of a temporary   Portaloo in the car park as hire costs seem reasonable. It would also be necessary to check insurance costs. There would be a need to arrange locking/unlocking to   avoid vandalism

  10  Millennium Field/Jubilee Meadow Committee update.

  An attempt had been made to steal the small gate from the MF car park to the   school footpath. It was now to be concreted in. The school should be reminded   that it is their responsibility to keep this gate padlocked when not in use.

  DeFRA had conducted an investigation today into the stewardship of the MF &   JM and Cllr Richards reported everything is in order.

  Arrangements for the Biddenden Blaze are in hand.

  Cllr Conway said he has a range of wildlife posters for display when the MF   notice board is back in place.

11  Traffic and Pedestrians Committee update.

  Cllr Friend said the next meeting was due on October 12th.

  He had further enquiries in hand with reference to the listing of the south side   pavement and modification that might be possible to meet safety and disabled   requirements.

11  Ashford Borough Council report.

  The Clerk read Cllr Bell’s report which highlighted council tax, housing, refuse, mobile mast, and High Street pavement issues.

12  Planning – see below

Cllrs Conway and Mrs Scott declared an interest in item 06/01400. Cllr Mrs Scott left the room but Cllr Conway remained.

13  Finance – see below

  The payments were approved but the Clerk was asked to seek certain assurances   from Tenterden Tigers re the proposed new goalposts.

  It was agreed that Finance matters should be dealt with by a formal Committee and not an informal Group. A meeting of the Committee would be organised by   the next council meeting on November 14th.

14  Correspondence – see below

15  Quality Parish Council status.

  The Clerk explained the current position which included the need for him to   complete 7 of the 25 exam modules and the need to produce an annual report and   regular newsletters.

  No councillors were willing to take on the latter tasks and it was suggested that Quality status be put on hold for the new council following the May 2007   elections.

16  The meeting closed to the public and the Chairman discussed with councillors a range of issues.

  It was agreed that in future any sensitive letter received would be brought to the   Chairman’s attention for decision whether to circulate to all councillors or only     those with responsibility for the particular issue raised.

17  Next meeting – November 14th


  The meeting closed at 10.10pm. The Chairman said in future he planned to   complete meetings by 9.30pm.


  Graham Smith, Parish Clerk.  01622 890596



The Council considered the following planning matters at its meeting on October 10th 2006


The following decisions have been received from Ashford Borough Council


05/01334  Holden Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Telecomms mast.  Refused.

06/00838  Fernwood, Cranbrook Rd. Storage of 140 caravans.  Refused.

06/00953&4  2 High St. Alterations to provide three flats  Granted.

06/01011&12  Willows, 53 North St.1st floor extensions, garage etc.  Refused.

06/01356  Rogers Hill, Cranbrook Rd. Conversion of garage to accommodation etc. Granted.

06/01401  Frogshole Farmhouse, Sissinghurst Rd. Riding manege.  Granted.

06/01429  Westfield, Tenterden Rd. New double garage, studio over etc  Granted

06/01446&01525  New House Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. Replacement conservatory      Granted.

06/01503  Westerley, Summerhill Oast, Cranbrook Rd. Single storey extension.  Granted.

06/01513  White House Farm, Hareplain Rd. Lean-to to existing barn.

    Planning Permission required.


The full Council considered the following.


06/01400  The Barn, Mill Hatch, Tenterden Rd. New single garage.  No objections.

(Cllr Mrs Scott declared an interest and left the room, Cllr Conway declared an interest and remained)

06/01404  Hare Plain Farm, Hareplain Rd. 4 bed chalet bungalow and garage.

    This is an “enabling proposal” for 06/01405 below.

06/01405  Hare Plain Farm, Hareplain Rd. Renovation of grade 2 barn

Councillors asked for a site visit re the two above.

06/01544  Park Farm Cottage, Frittenden Rd. Single storey side extension.

  No objections

06/01764  Spring Hill, Tenterden Rd. Two storey front and side extensions.

  No objections


The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on October 10th 2006

£368.00  S Keen, Lengthsman, Wages  1732

£457.95  G Smith, Clerk, Salary  1733

£70.00  Biddenden Club House, Hire of hall for council meetings  1722

£35.00  Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group. Annual subscription  1723

£687.38  Wilson Tarmac. Repairs to Gordon Jones car park. (VAT reclaimable)1724

£455.82  Inland Revenue. Tax and NI payments  1725

£300.00  HJ Hoad. Management of PO project for BPC  1726

£923.84  Cyma Architects. RIBA Stage J costs. (VAT reclaimable)  1727

£251.69  ABC. Rates for car park to 31.03.07  1728

£158.87  Allianz Cornhill/ Insurance during PO/toilet building works  1729

£18.57  Staples, stationery  1730

£1985.75  Tenterden Tigers. New goal posts. (See letter)  1731


The following have been received

£50.00  Sir David Phillips. Hire of marquee

£100.00  CC McKinnon. Donation for Village Green flower beds

£20,000  Post Office Ltd grant for new Post Office

£24,973  ABC, Second half precept.

£3126.45  VAT Refund


Correspondence received up to October 10th 2006

1  KAPC 59th AGM at Ditton on November 4th. (Lunch provided)

  It is important that someone should go. (Cllr Friend to attend)

2  KAPC Finance Information Day. Training course at Harrietsham 14th October.

  Postponed to November 18th at Chilham. Anyone wish to go?

  (Cllr Mrs Scott to go)

 3  Kent Wildlife Trust. Appeal for Oare Marshes nature reserve.

 4  Letter from T Churton re litter bins and gate to school footpath.

  (Cllr Richards has discussed with T Churton. Yellow litter bin to be moved if   possible)

5  Letter from D Linnett requesting PO grant details under FOI Act.

  (Copied to all councillors)

6  Letter from ABC re Bethersden Marble pavement.

  (Copied to Chairman and Cllr Friend)

7  Letter from parishioner in Mansion House Close re footpath.

  (Copied to all councillors) (Cllr Friend to investigate further.)

8  Ashford Rural Trust. Mins of meeting 15th September.

9  English Rural Housing Association. Annual Report

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