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8th August 2006




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These minutes are subject to approval at the meeting on September 12th.

 Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall on

August 8th 2006


Cllr P Whapham – Chairman                                                    Cllr B Gaertner

Cllr Mrs E Cansdale – Vice Chairman                           Cllr H Richards

Cllr Mrs J Ashcroft                                                                   Cllr J Rymer Jones       

Cllr M Conway                                                                        Cllr Mrs G Scott

Also present Cllr N Bell, Ashford BC and 4 parishioners

Apologies for absence Cllrs Brown, Friend and Mrs Swain.


1        There were no alterations to members Register of Interests

      2   Parishioners questions/comments

            Mr Kingston queried who will be allocated the “low cost” housing under            construction at Cheeselands. It was confirmed that no allocations had yet been    made but there were strict criteria over allocations which included the need to            have strong village connections. The parish council had no say in allocations but   only to confirm village connections.

            Further to a comment at the July meeting it was confirmed to Mr Kingston that 22 Biddenden youth played with the Tenterden Tigers football club.

            Mr Wingham asked that when the new Post Office/toilets are being constructed could the builders be requested to minimise the amount of car parking space utilised so as not to disadvantage village traders.

     3     Minutes of the meeting held on July 11th.

            These were signed by the Chairman after deleting “inaccurate” in line 8.

            Cllr Conway reported that the hedges referred to under Mr Churtons’s comments had been cut. It was also noted that the parish council owned hedges were   (mechanically) cut by a parishioner at no cost to the council and a letter of             appreciation would be sent.

4          Proposed CCTV scheme for sports clubs and GJ/MF car parks

       Mr Hilton (a member of the Squash Club) of Kent and Sussex Security explained  the Biddenden Village Halls Management Committee’s proposals to install high quality CCTV coverage of the various club premises, play area and GJ/MF car parks. The scheme would replace and greatly enhance the current equipment   which was now about 15 years old and would be an important deterrent to  vandalism. The total cost would be about £5,400 + VAT plus the labour cost of    installation.

       The council was very supportive of the proposals and would discuss with           BVHMC the funding needed and would establish what grants/donations may be       available. Cllr Conway agreed to make initial enquiries on the possibility of            grants.


5     Matters from previous minutes

·        The seat by The Weavers bus stop had been replaced and a letter of thanks would be written to the Brown family who funded it.

·        No response had been received to date re volunteers for a possible Speedwatch scheme.

·        All councillors were asked to advise the Clerk of any additional litter bins thought necessary around the village centre and playing fields as a follow up to Mr Churton’s comments at the July meeting.

·        Cllr Rymer Jones raised the “OMI Report” which is an input to possible housing growth in Ashford BC’s Local Development Framework. We must await the proposals for Biddenden but they were thought to be relatively small. Cllr Rymer Jones also said that “village envelopes” could be redefined by co operation between Ashford BC and parish councils.


6        Post Office/toilets/car park

       Cllr Bell, Chairman of the Post Office Committee, reported that,

·        The Parish Council/Ashford BC lease was signed on August 1st

·        A meeting with the builders took place on August 8th and the target is to start work in mid September and complete by mid November. Contracts should be signed on August 25th.

·        The bespoke windows had been ordered

·        Ashford BC will contribute towards the running costs of the new toilets.

            Cllr Gaertner asked that the Post Office website be updated with all this            information. He also drew attention to the fact that an F10 Health and Safety           notice must be displayed during building works.

            It was agreed that when the building was complete a new committee needs to take  over the day to day management. This could probably be a revised Finance         Committee and Cllrs Gaertner and Rymer Jones agreed to be members. It was      also suggested that a “finance professional” would be a useful addition to the        Committee.


7        Ashford Borough Council report - Cllr N Bell

       Cllr Bell said the policy document on the number and location of new houses in the Borough was being completed. He was pleased to say Biddenden was in the      “third tier” of nine villages which would only take about 80 houses over a seven         year period.


8     Millennium Field and Jubilee Meadow Committee

            Cllr Richards reported that the hay had been cut and that the Flora and Fauna    report had been completed. It would now be possible to market educational visits        and for this purpose it was agreed a professional pamphlet be produced.

            Cllr Conway would discuss with Mrs Whapham.

            The Clerk was asked to write to the school to remind them of the need to keep the  school path gate locked.

            It was noted that the entrance to the G J car park by the Mill Corner development   would be finally surfaced when the new bungalow was built at the rear of Mill  Hatch.

            A letter of thanks would be written to J Wheadon for all his hard work.

            A proposal for a small Funfare to visit the Playing field area was agreed subject to  details being established.                                                                        


9        Traffic and Pedestrians Committee

       A meeting was scheduled for August 10th.


10    Planning (See below)

11    Finance (See attached)

12    Correspondence (See attached)

13    Items for future consideration

·        Cllr Richards would consider ways of preventing footballs being inadvertently kicked into the tennis courts. The Chairman had suggested a tall netting fence.

·        Cllr Richards suggested the possibility of converting the old KESRailway into a footpath/cycleway be considered

·        The Tenterden Tigers request for new goal posts (to meet safety regulations) would be examined.

·        Cllr Gaertner said he would “drive” the possibility of a parish “Youth Forum” with ABC.

14    Next meeting

            September 12th 2006

Graham Smith, Parish Clerk      01622 890596                                                 18/2006-7


The Council considered the following planning matters at its meeting on August 8th 2006

 Decisions received from Ashford Borough Council


05/00569   58 North St. (PK Produce) Outline application for residential land use.

                                                                        Undetermined. No further action.

05/01705   Land rear of Mill Hatch. New single storey dwelling. Permission granted.

06/00351   Randolphs Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. New vehicular access. Refused.

06/00943   New House Farm, Sissinghurst Rd.Extension & alterations.Consent granted.

06/00955   2 High St. Alterations & repairs to roof.                              Consent granted.

06/01088   Spring Hill, Tenterden Rd. Front and side extensions.          Refused.

06/01112   Pedlars Farm, Mockbeggar Lane. Annex extension.            Permission granted.


The Council’s Planning Group made the following decisions.


06/01155   Frogshole Farmhouse, Sissinghurst Rd. Tennis court netting and  poolhouse.

                        Object. Infringement of neighbours privacy and noise.

06/01236   6 Old Mill Court. Oak framed office in rear garden. No objections.


The Council is asked to consider the following.


06/01119   Shortswood Cottage, Tenterden Rd. Change of use from holiday let to                                            independent dwelling

                        (Cllr Richards declared an interest.)                               No objections.

06/01256   The Colt House, Cranbrook Rd. Display of Boarding Kennels & Cattery sign

                        (retrospective)                                                              No objections.



The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on August 8th 2006


£368.00           S Keen, Lengthsman, Wages                                                    1702

£457.95           G Smith, Clerk, Salary                                                  1703

£48.00             R King. Various odd jobs inc, deweeding play ground   1704

£109.28           RoSPA Playground inspection                                      1705

£510.00           Wealden Management Consultancy. Internal audit 2005/6         1706

To note

 The Council has waived its normal £50 hire fee for the marquee for the Flower Festival.

The Society of Local Council Clerks

 This is the professional body of council clerks at both parish council and other local authority level. Biddenden has never been a member but I have used their advice over recent months when dealing with the Judicial Review. They are also the body organising the Quality Council programme. Amongst the services they offer are

  • An instant advice service
  • An information website:
  • A regular professional journal
  • The “bible” of the Clerks Manual
  • Training

The joining fee is £12 and the annual subscription (for a Council of our size) is £93.

I think we should join and would ask the Council to support this.


Graham Smith


Councillors agreed to this.


Shaun Keen, Lengthsman

 Mr Keen was employed by the Council from December 14th 2004 at an hourly wage of £5.75 for 64 hours per month. In May 2005 the Council offered to increase Mr Keen’s wages but he declined for Tax Credit reasons. In discussion with Mr Keen he is now able to receive a wage increase and I suggest the Council should grant this and increase the hourly rate to £6.50 from the September pay day.

(Also our “odd job” man should increase from £6 to £6.50 per hour)


The Council is asked to approve these increases.


Councillors agreed to this.                                                                20/2006-7



Correspondence received up to August 8th 2006

 1        BTCV. Request for donations for Tree and Pond Wardens.

      (£100 each suggested but we paid £50 in total last year)            £50 agreed

2        ABC Tourism Development Framework 2006-11. Consultation draft.

      Passed to Cllr Richards.

3        ABC  Gambling Policy 2005. Policy Statement.

4        ABC  Details of (new) charges for planning services. Passed to Chairman

5        ABC  Parish Polling Review (of wards boundaries etc ) Important!

      Passed to Cllrs Richards and Rymer Jones

 6        ABC “Houseproud”. Possible grants for home improvements.

      Passed to Cllr Conway.

 7        KCC Annual Plan 2006/7. Passed to Cllr Gaertner

 8        KCC  Waste Development Framework. Consultation available on the Web.

 9        Request from BEST to hold Blaze on November 3rd.Would PC please entertain  Mayors party?            Agreed

 10    RoSPA Playground report. To examine please. Passed to Cllr Mrs Cansdale

 11    Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Service Performance Plan available on the Web

 12    Correspondence from Gillian Clark. Cllr Gaertner agreed to draft a reply.

 13    Correspondence from Tony Churton

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