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10th May 2005




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 These minutes are subject to approval at the meeting on June 14th 2005

Minutes of the Statutory Annual meeting held in the Old Village Hall on May 10th 2005


Cllr Mrs E Cansdale – Chairman                                               Cllr M Conway

Cllr Mrs G Scott –Vice Chairman                                             Cllr H Richards

Cllr Mrs U Ainscough                                                               Cllr J Rymer Jones

Cllr Mrs J Ashcroft                                                                   Cllr Mrs B Swain

Cllr Mrs R Ashton                                                                    Cllr P Whapham

Cllr R Brown

 Also present Cllr N Bell, Ashford Borough Council and one parishioner.


1   There were no alterations to members Register of Interests. 

2   There were no items raised by the parishioner present.

3   Election of officers and lead councillors for the year to May 2006.

 Cllr Mrs Eileen Cansdale said she wished to stand down from Chairman after two years in the post and proposed Cllr P Whapham as Chairman. This was seconded by Cllr Mrs Ainscough and agreed unanimously. Cllr Whapham then took the chair. Cllr Whapham said he wished to thank Eileen for her work during a difficult period and this was supported by all councillors.

 Cllr Mrs Scott said she wished to stand down as Vice Chairman and proposed Cllr Mrs Cansdale as the new Vice Chairman. This was seconded by Cllr Mrs Ashcroft and agreed unanimously. The new Chairman welcomed the appointment as Mrs Cansdale lived in the village (rather than on the outskirts) and would be able to be his day to day “eyes and ears”.

Other appointments agreed were,

Finance Committee Chairman                                       Cllr Mrs G Scott

Post Office Liaison Committee Chairman                                  Cllr Mrs G Scott

Millennium Field & Jubilee Meadow Committee Chairman. To be decided on May 26th

Gordon Jones Field & childrens play areas                                Cllrs Mrs Swain&Mrs Cansdale

Highway and pavement matters                                     Cllr Mrs Ashcroft

Police matters                                                                           Cllrs Mrs Cansdale&Conway  

Local housing matters                                                               Cllr Mrs Cansdale

Youth matters                                                                           Cllrs Mrs Ashton & Richards

KAPC and Parish Forum                                                          Cllr Rymer Jones

Village Hall trustee & countryside matters                                  Cllr P Whapham

Scrutiny of reports etc                                                               Cllr Mrs Ainscough


The Chairman said he wished to hold an informal meeting of councillors to chart the way forward for the next two years and would welcome an open discussion of all matters above and indeed any others. The Clerk would advise the date in due course. 194

4        Cllr Rymer Jones asked that the future use of the Jubilee Meadow, particularly free access to the public, should be one of the items discussed at the proposed meeting above.

 5        The Minutes of the council meeting on April 12th and the Annual Parish meeting on April 29th were approved except that item 1 on April 12th should record “£250 for planting the Village Green flower beds and £50 for war memorial planting”.

 6        Post Office

Cllrs Mrs Ashton and Mr Brown declared an interest but did not leave the meeting.

Cllr Mrs Scott said minutes of the PO Liaison Committee meeting held last night (the 9th) would be available soon. She reported that the major problem was the location of the new toilets rather than the conversion of the existing toilets but revised plans would be submitted shortly to Ashford Borough Council for planning permission.

The possibility of a grant from the Post Office (HQ) was being discussed next week and the new/converted building would be one of the beneficiaries of the village Antique Fair to be held on June 18th.

Drummond Randall had offered support from an open day on his railway and Cllr Mrs Cansdale agreed to check that this was still available for later in the year or 2006.

Cllr Mrs Scott said she had received an offer of some Bethersden Marble that may be useful for paving outside the proposed Post Office. It was agreed that she and Cllr Brown would inspect the stone and the council agreed they could spend up to £200 on purchase.

7        Millennium Field

Cllr Richards passed a copy of the Committee minutes of April 28th to all councillors.

He added that three additional 4 foot bench seats were available for use on the field and suggestions for their location would be welcome.

Cllr Conway asked for more volunteers to help sell programmes at the Country Fayre on June 4th. Just one hours shift would be welcome. Selling programmes was a vital part of maximising the Fayre income for the benefit of the village.

Cllr Richards said the Millennium Field board would be back in place by June 4th.

Cllr Mrs Ashcroft asked whether the school would have a maintenance responsibility for the “walking bus” path from the Millennium Field car park.

Cllr Richards said no but hoped the children would not knowingly kick the bark chippings away!

The Clerk updated councillors on the easement arrangements for the drain from the Mill Corner development to the Millennium Field. (The councils solicitor has the matter in hand and no problems are foreseen)

 8        Cheeselands development

Subject to some minor matters this had been approved by Ashford Borough Council. Cllr Bell was dealing with the issue of the proposed developers contribution to KCC education funds as this was seen as inappropriate in the case of a social “low cost” housing development. A developers contribution to new play equipment (approx £3,500) had been agreed.

Cllr Bell

Cllr Bell said he had nothing further to report beyond items already discussed but wished to record his personal thanks to Eileen Cansdale for her Chairmanship and wished Peter Whapham well in the Chairmans post.

 10    Drainage of football pitches

Cllr Brown said this work should be put in hand quickly as ground conditions were right. He would draw up a specification and seek three quotes. Councillors agreed a suitable sum that would be available.

11    Traffic calming

Following the discussion at the Annual Parish Meeting (item 8 para 6) it was agreed that the Clerks offer of an informal professional opinion from a road safety consultant of what could be “legally” suggested to calm traffic should be followed up. In the light of possible suggestions we could then approach KCC with a soundly based “wish list”.

Cllr Conway wished to record that the council had already supported traffic calming inasmuch as two traffic islands were in place to aid pedestrians crossing the Tenterden – Headorn road in the village and the new “flashing sign” on the Sissinghurst Road. However he fully supported additional schemes if they were “legally” possible.

Cllr Mrs Ashcroft agreed to write to KCC indicating that considerable road repairs were necessary in the parish.

1Planning.   See below

 13  Finance.     See below

            It was agreed that the Council would sponsor a flower arrangement at the Church Flower Festival in the sum of £50. (Cllr Rymer Jones declared an interest and did not vote.)

 14  Correspondence.      

Also councillors expressed their thanks to parishioners who recently helped clear up the excess of bottles around the bottle bank.

 15    Items for future consideration.

Councillors asked that the following be discussed at the next meeting,

·        Progress towards Quality Council status

·        Preparation of a record of Council ownership of village land


16    Next meeting – June 14th 2005

(Cllrs Mrs Cansdale and Mrs Ashton apologised that they would not be present)



The Council considered the following planning items at its meeting on May 10th 2005


Decisions received from Ashford Borough Council

04/01816         58 North Street. Two storey & single storey side extensions. Refused.

05/00054&55  24 High Street. Rear conservatory (retrospective) Permission granted.

05/00264         Oakdale Farm, Tenterden Rd. Two storey side extension. Refused.

05/00277         Old Mill Corner, Tenterden Rd.  Nine residential units. Amendments to approved scheme. Permission granted.

05/00292         Weeksland Farmhouse, Weeks Lane. Revised southern elevation to include doors & replacement windows. (Retrospective) Permission granted.

05/00294         2 Pook Farm, Pook Lane. Stationing of mobile home(retrospective)

                        Permission granted.

05/00301         Great Omenden Farm, Pook Lane. New cow shed & slurry tank.

                        Permission granted.

05/00339         15 Headcorn Rd. Dormer & rear single storey extension. Refused.

05/00343&44  2 Buckhurst Cottages, Ongley Lane. PVCU conservatory.

Permission granted.

05/00377         Little Acres, Benenden Rd. 2 further mobile homes. Permission granted.

05/00444         Hales Place, Cranbrook Rd. Two storey extension. Refused.

04/01079         Standen Barn, Smarden Rd. Appeal against ABCs refusal to grant permission for a “glazed link” has been dismissed.      


The following decisions were made by all councillors meeting on April 29th 2005

05/00522         19 Spinners Close. Loft Conversion & single stoey kitchen increased to two storey. No objection.

05/00569         58 North Street. Outline application for residential use. Supported.

05/00585         Woodside, Benenden Rd. Conservatory & rear extension. No objection.

05/00586         Woodside, Benenden Rd. New vehicular access. No objection.

05/00597         Cheveney Place, 4 The Nightingales. Loft conversion & extension.

                        (Amended scheme) No objection.

05/00610         Westerley, Summerhill Oast, Cranbrook Rd. Extension. No objection.

05/00650         Weeksland Farmhouse.(Listed building consent) Revised southern elevation to include doors and replacement windows. No objection.

05/00653         Gate House, Headcorn Rd. Extension. No objection.

05/00701&2    4 Dashmonden Mews, High Halden Rd. Roof lights & dormer window.

                        No objection.


The following to be considered by the full council at the meeting on May 10th


05/00751         Mount House, Benenden Road. Three bay oak framed hay store.

                        No objection.



 The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on May 10th 2005


£561.96           S Keen, Lengthsman. (£368.00 Wages and £193.96 Tax Credit)    562


£444.82           G Smith, Clerk, Salary.( This is a small increase as the NALC salary scale rose from £7.913 to £8.147 gross per hour from April 1st 2005)      563


£100.00           G Smith, Clerk. Imprest account ie office expenses from January 2005 564


£1242.45         Allianz Cornhill. Annual insurance premium from June 1st 2005  565


£29.48             Cllr Mrs Cansdale. Refreshments for Annual Parish Meeting and supplies for Lengthsman                                                                                  566


£270.25           Valuation Office. Valuation of easement through Millennium Field car park.                                                                                                        567


£200.00           A J Sowery. Mowing 25.03.05 to 21.04.05                                          568


The Council has received the following monies,


£26,428.94      First half precept from Ashford Borough Council

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