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8th November 2005




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 These minutes are subject to approval at the meeting on December 13th 2005

Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall on November 8th 2005


Cllr P Whapham – Chairman                                                    Cllr C Friend

Cllr Mrs E Cansdale – Vice Chairman                           Cllr H Richards

Cllr Mrs J Ashcroft                                                                   Cllr Mrs G Scott

Cllr Mrs R Ashton                                                                    Cllr Mrs B Swain

Cllr R Brown                                                                            Cllr J Rymer Jones       

Cllr M Conway


Apology for absence -  Cllr N Bell, Ashford Borough Council (owing to attendance at  Borough Council meeting in Ashford)

Seven parishioners were present.

 1   There were no alterations to members Register of Interests and Cllr Friend gave his Register to the clerk for
 forwarding to Ashford Borough Council Monitoring Officer.

 2   Parishioners questions/comments

Sue Boon reported that the fly tipped rubbish in the Millennium Field car park should be removed this week by the guilty
 tipper. It was likely that the Environment Agency would be taking legal action against him.

It was suggested that a temporary height bar be erected next year to prevent a recurrence.


3   Minutes of the meeting held on October 11th 2005

These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


4   Update on previous matters (not on the agenda)

Cllr Brown said he had been reported (by a person unknown to him) to the Standards Board for irregularities in the
purchase of some spare Bethersden Marble for outside the new Post Office.  The clerk said this seemed to be a
quite unfounded allegation as the council had agreed to spend up to £200 on the purchase (Min.6 of May 10th 2005)
and Cllr Brown had negotiated a price of £50 (Min. 4 of June 14th 2005) In fact, to date, no money had been drawn
from council funds to pay for this. Cllr Brown said if this was the attitude of some parishioners he would not deal with
the matter any further.

It was agreed the clerk would try to complete the purchase.

Cllr Rymer Jones queried the basis of the “village envelope” in planning terms and wondered how flexible the
envelope was in allowing new housing development. The clerk would clarify with Ashford BC. (The clerk established
that the envelope was not a an area defined by a boundary but was a planning judgment based on the existing built
confines of a village)


5   Letter from Cllr Rymer Jones to the Chairman. (already passed to councillors)

Cllr Rymer Jones said he was unhappy with the recent article in the Kentish Express (October 20th) that gave a
biased report on the Post Office situation. He said the vast majority of the village were behind the Post Office project
and there should be an end to the constant carping so that the project could move ahead quickly. He felt Cllr Mrs Scott
and the Post Office Committee had worked very hard on the project on behalf of the village and appreciation for this
should be shown. It was also agreed that many villagers worked hard in their particular fields on behalf of the village,
for example BEST with the bonfire and the recent cake stall to help with Post Office funds.

The Chairman said that in future he hoped councillors could discuss any differences in a more open way (without
reference to the Standards Board) so that the council had a better team approach to benefit the village. He would
work to see this happened from now on.

Cllr Mrs Scott said she would like noted that the Standards Board investigation concerning herself has concluded
there was no case to pursue.

 6   Post Office scheme.

Cllr Mrs Scott said design work for the new Post Office and toilets was complete and ready to go to tender to five
contractors, approved by Ashford Borough Council. (At the close of the meeting, after the public had left, all
councillors confirmed they had no association with any of the five named contractors) Tenders would be sent
via the clerk and returned to the clerk.

No details of any grants would be available until the grant giving bodies had sight of the actual building costs arising
from the successful tender.

Temporary use, during conversion of the existing toilets, of Village Hall owned toilets would be clarified at the VHMC
meeting on November 17th.

Cllr Mrs Scott said that most councillors would, by now, be aware of a possible new location for the Post Office in a
totally separate part of the block housing Turners Stores.

This had just become available and many questions needed to be answered (largely by the landlord) before it could
be agreed as a suitable location, although initial investigation suggested it could be. Cllr Mrs Scott circulated to all
councillors a list of these questions which she hoped would be answered by the next council meeting on December 6th.

Cllr Conway said he hoped the location would be suitable as he always felt this was the right place for the Post Office.

In view of this new possibility (which would take time to evaluate) Cllr Mrs Scott had asked Ashford Borough Council
for a years extension on the temporary planning permission for the Portacabin in the car park.

It was agreed that in the meantime tenders would still be sought for the already developed new Post Office scheme
in the car park as we would then be able to evaluate the pros and cons of each option with actual financial costs. 


7   Recycling update.

Cllr Rymer Jones said a textile bin had been agreed with the Salvation Army and this would be in place in the
Gordon Jones recycling area by early December. He and Cllr Mrs Cansdale agreed this was a preferable location
to the suggested Cheeselands site.

The Clerk would advise neighbouring parish councils so the bin would be well used.


8   Traffic and Pedestrians Committee.

Cllr Friend said he was just starting on this and would report progress at the December meeting. Any villagers
who would like to be involved should contact him on 01580 291533


9   Millennium Field and Jubilee Meadow Committee.

Cllr Richards said he would produce a specification for the footpath from the MF car park to the school so that three
tenders could be sought for its construction. It was noted that a £5000 grant for this work had been generously
donated by Jarvis Homes, builders of the Mill Corner development. It was agreed a letter of thanks be sent to Chris
Cowan, the Mill Corner site manager, for all his help in this and other matters.

The Blaze had gone well on November 4th and financial results would be announced by BEST in due course.

The Millennium Field sign would be re erected by the village car park as soon as the Post Office scheme was clarified
and a precise location for the sign was identified.


10 Other reports

  • Youth Club

Cllr Mrs Cansdale said that due to no participants at the last two meetings the Club had been suspended until the
New Year. She hoped to receive an input from the children as to “just what facilities they would like.” Thanks were
expressed to the few helpers who had made the Club successful up until now.

  • Old Mill Corner drainage easement

The Chairman said this had been signed today and returned to our solicitors. It was noted that the ash tree by the
outfall would remain and hedges and fences would be reinstated at the developers cost.

  • Tenterden Tigers floodlighting

Councillors had inspected the lighting trial and agreed it was a good scheme. The clerk would write to confirm
the council had “no objections”.

It was noted a new lockable post was needed by the refuse bins. Cllr Richards would give the clerk details
 so that it could be ordered.

  • Speed cameras

Cllrs Mrs Cansdale and Rymer Jones reported on their observations at the KAPC AGM on November 5th when
 two types were demonstrated. They gave similar displays but the more sophisticated (at £3000) gathered
copious information. The simpler cost £1800. The police would advise the council suitable sites for their use
and train operatives. Each camera must have three operatives present.

The Chairman asked Cllr Friend to take the matter forward on behalf of the council.


11   Planning  See below.    There were no other plans to examine at the meeting.


12   Finance See below.


13   Correspondence

See attached.

It was agreed that Eric Farris should be thanked for being willing to continue as a Trustee of the Consolidated Charity
until 2008.The Village Hall Management Committee proposals to improve CCTV coverage in the car park and squash
court areas was still being developed but as recorded at the October meeting the council would sympathetically
consider any requests for financial support.


14   Items for future consideration.

It was noted the bus shelter by The Weavers needed some repair. The Chairman said he would examine and advise
the clerk.


Cllr Rymer Jones wondered whether the developers of the Cheeselands low cost housing scheme should offer some
“financial package” to the village as the Mill Corner developers have. In view of the special nature of this development
it was thought unlikely but the clerk would establish the facts. It was noted that the “first sod” of the development was
dug on November 7th.


Cllr Rymer Jones also reported that the council payment for the periodic circulation of the Parish Magazine to all
households would rise slightly with the next issue. (By about £20 - £30). All councillors agreed this was acceptable.


15   Next meeting

 December 13th 2005


 The council considered the following planning items at its meeting on November 8th 2005

Decisions received from Ashford Borough Council

05/01310   The Granary, Crosswell Farm, Cranbrook Road. Conversion of agricultural building to office and games room.                                                   Permission granted.

05/01477   Turks Head Farm, High Halden Rd. Use of “The Cowshed” as an ancillary accommodation.                                                The use has been declared “lawful” under sec.191 of Town &Country Planning Act 1990.

05/01534   Cheeselands, Biddenden. Construction of 7 replacement parking spaces.

                                                                                                            Permission granted.

05/01538   9 Glebelands. Erection of decking (retrospective).   Permission granted.

05/01544 & 1609   41 North Street. Extension and alterations. Refused.

05/01580 & 81   24 High Street. Replace rear yard wall and door.       Permission granted.



04/01235   Greenacres Farm, Sissinghurst Road. Appeal against refusal of ABC to allow development of fishing ponds.                                                            Appeal allowed.

05/00337   Woodlands Park, Tenterden Rd. Appeal against ABC refusal to allow occupation of some caravans
between 1st March and 7th January .Appeal starts 12.10.05

05/00856   Land adjacent 16a Townland Close. Appeal against ABC refusal to allow erection of detached house
and garage.                                Appeal starts 28.10.05


Decisions made by the council’s planning group.

05/00628   Turks Head Farm, High Halden Rd. Parking for 3 HGVs and use of buildings for office/store (retrospective)

05/01534   Cheeselands. 7 replacement parking spaces.                       No objections.

05/01538   9 Glebelands. Erection of decking (retrospective)    No objections.

05/01544   41 North Street. Extension and alterations.              No objections.

05/01580 & 81   24 High Street. Replacement of rear yard wall and door. No objections.

05/01748   Midwood, Benenden Road. New pitched roof.                   No objections.

05/01777   Punch Croft, Thurstons Lane. Proposed verandah.  No objections.

FC05/00117 Tole Wood, Thurstons Lane. Application to fell 90 oaks. Object

TC 05/00121 The Rectory, High Street. Cut back ash trees.                 No objections.

Advance information

Proposed H3G base station at Pullen Barn Farm


 The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on November 8th 2005


£607.40           S Keen, Lengthsman. £368.00 Wages and £239.40 Tax Credit     1621

 £444.67           G Smith, Clerk, Salary                                                          1622

 £3824.63         Cyma Architects. First phase of design work for new Post Office.1623

 £33.00             Webb’s Tenterden. New tyres and tubes for Lengthsman’s barrow 1624

 £22.14             Mrs Cansdale – Flowers for War Memorial                                          1625

 £28.20             Turners Stores – black sacks for Lengthsman                            1626

 £970.00           A J Sowery. New fence around childrens play area and new seats on rocking horses etc.                                                                                1627

 £200.00           Donation to All Saints Church, Biddenden                                             1628

 £30.00             Kent Wildlife Trust. Donation.                                                   1629

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