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8th February 2005




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  These minutes are subject to approval at the Council meeting on March 8th 2005

Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall on

February 8th 2005



Cllr Mrs E Cansdale – Chairman                                               Cllr M Conway

Cllr Mrs G Scott – Vice Chairman                                            Cllr H Richards

Cllr Mrs U Ainscough                                                               Cllr Mrs B Swain

Cllr Mrs R Ashton                                                                    Cllr P Whapham

Cllr R Brown

Apologies for absence – Cllrs Mrs J Ashcroft and J Rymer-Jones

Cllr N Bell, Ashford Borough Council, and 10 parishioners were present.

 1   There were no alterations to members Register of Interests.

 2   Parishioners present raised matters concerning the Post Office (see 5 below) and also whether the Parish Council had received advice on how to deal with illegal gypsy encampments. No specific advice has been received but the correct procedure is to advise the Borough Council who will take the necessary action. It was noted that the caravans on the Headcorn Road near Wick Hill are in Headcorn PC and Maidstone BC have the matter in hand.

 3   The minutes of the meeting held on January 11th 2005 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

 4   There were no matters for councillors to report other than covered by the agenda items following.

 5   Post Office

Cllr Mrs Scott said the minutes of the Post Office Liaison Committee held on January 18th had been written, circulated to councillors, and would be posted on the village notice boards.

She also reported that a draft of the “Business Plan” required following the Council meeting on January 11th (min.2) had been prepared and that the completed document would be available by March 8th.

The Planning Application for the new building (which was intended to house the new Post Office) was still with Ashford Borough Council awaiting approval.

The Chairman closed the meeting and allowed the parishioners to raise points which included the following,

·        Mr Linnett presented a paper which contained his suggestions for inclusion in the “Business Plan”. Cllr Mrs Scott said she would consider this.

·        It was generally agreed that the financial implications of the whole project to construct a new building and lease it to the Post Office must be clearly laid out and it was the intention that the “Business Plan” should achieve this.

·        The long term future of the Car Park was raised as there had been an earlier suggestion that the Borough Council may pass ownership to the Parish Council. If they do not would the Parish Council have to pay ground rent for the new building and if they do could the Parish Council seek any development they wished on the site? Cllr Bell said if the Car Park was ever passed to the Parish Council constraints on its use would be laid down.

           ·        It was again emphasised that the loss of car parking space was serious for all village traders and this should be as much a priority for the Council to address as the new Post Office.

·        Cllr Mrs Scott said the next Post Office Liaison Group meeting was scheduled for February 22nd and parishioners could raise their concerns there.

·        Cllr Bell plans to meet village traders at a convenient time to understand their views on the Post Office scheme and also possibly hold a “surgery” in the village where general concerns about the proposal could be discussed.

 The Chairman then reopened the meeting.

 6   Speed cameras.

Cllr Conway said discussions between KCC and ABC concerning a possible camera on the approach from Tenterden had not yet been concluded. The use of hand held monitoring cameras should be clarified by the Police shortly. 

7   Parish Plan.

The Chairman closed the meeting to allow Mr Greensted to report.

He said two open meetings had been arranged in the Village Hall for parishioners to see and discuss the final results.

Saturday March 12th in the morning and Thursday March 24th in the evening.

8   Village Fete June 4th.

Cllr Conway reported that the village school was being involved and they would be one of the village bodies who he hoped would benefit financially from the event.

He said there was the possibility of a grant towards the fete that he was following up.

9   Report from Cllr Bell, Ashford Borough Council.

Cllr Bell had already contributed to the earlier Post Office debate.

He also reported that he was progressing the £50,000 to be given to the village by the developers of the Mill Corner site. It had been reported previously that this would be allocated £25,000 to the new building (for the Post Office), £12,500 for pavement improvements and £12,500 for speed “controls” on the approach from Tenterden.

Cllr Richards considered that the easement already agreed by the Parish Council (min.8 of Dec.14th 2004) for storm water drainage from the Mill Corner development via the Gordon Jones car park to the Millennium Field ditch should be subject to a charge. Cllr Bell explained that if an easement charge was raised then the £50,000 above would be reduced by the same amount thus leaving the Parish Council no better or worse off.

Cllr Mrs Scott proposed and Cllr Mrs Ainscough seconded that the Council formally agree that no easement charge should be raised. This was agreed.

(Subsequently the clerk confirmed with KAPC that the specific subject of the easement was not linked with the Post Office funding and councillors with an interest in the Post Office were entitled to vote on the easement issue.)

Cllr Mrs Cansdale asked Cllr Bell to investigate Ashford Boroughs views on the possibility of a free collection service for bulky refuse as applies in neighbouring Boroughs.


   10  Reports from lead councillors.

·        Cllr Richards circulated the minutes of the Millennium Field committee of 25th January. He advised that a meeting with DeFRA Stewardship would take place on February 9th concerning the proposal for a “walking bus” footpath from the Millennium Field car park to the village school. This would not be a public footpath but just for the “walking bus”.

·        Cllr Mrs Swain asked that the Council purchase a new litter bin for the site by the Squash Club. (A new one by the playground “Sputnik” was also required)

·        Cllr Whapham reported on the Village Hall Trustee meeting where they had agreed that there would be no more than 12 events per annum where alcohol would be sold thus obviating the need for a named “Drinks steward”. He also reported that he had considered the Ashford Borough Conservation Strategy and said it should be supported by the Parish Council.

·        Cllr Conway said he and Cllr Richards were obtaining estimates for drainage of the football pitches by spiking and/or slitting.

11   Planning – see below

12   Finance – below

It was agreed that the Council would fund a mobile phone for the village hospital car service until such time as their grant for the equipment was forthcoming.

13   Correspondence

The major item was the South East Plan produced by the South East England Regional Assembly which we must consider and comment on. Cllr Mrs Ainscough agreed to have an initial look at the document.

It was noted that Greenfields School (for disabled children) had thanked the Council for its donation which would be used for a visit to Herstmonceaux Castle.

14   Annual Parish Meeting

Friday April 29th in the New Hall at 7.30 pm (NB Revised date)

15    Next Meeting

March 8th. Prior to the meeting there will be a presentation to update the position of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the village.



Graham Smith, Parish Clerk.  February 11th 2005                                 01622 890596


Biddenden Parish Council

Planning matters considered at the meeting on February 8th 2005


Decisions received from Ashford Borough Council.


04/01940   Pell House Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. New dwelling. Permission granted.

04/01993   Pedlars Farm, Mockbeggar Lane. Alteration & addition to existing dwelling. Permission granted.

04/02158   John Mayne School. Alterations and new offices. Permission granted.

TP04/00174.  34 The Meadows. Reduce size of oak tree. Consent granted.

TP05/0001.    Cheveney Place, 4 The Nightingales. Fell two oak trees.

                        Consent granted.


Ashford Borough Council has reported the following.

04/00413   Land at Pook Farm, Pook Lane. Additional mobile home.

                        Retrospective planning permission required.

04/00425   Turks Head Farm, High Halded Rd. Unauthorised lorry parking and use of building. Retrospective planning permission required.

04/01235   Green Acres, Sissinghurst Rd. Fishing ponds etc.

                        Applicants are to appeal.

04/01238  Anjoela, Sissinghurst Rd. Change annexe to dwelling.

                        Applicants are to appeal.

04/00160   Great Omenden Farm, Pook Lane. New farm bungalow.

                        Applicants are to appeal.

04/01866   Standen Barn, Smarden Rd. Unauthorised single storey rear extension.

                        Enforcement action to be taken.


The Parish Council Planning Group has recommended the following,


04/02232   Ashenden Farm, Bell Lane. Mobile poultry building.

                        PC requires proof of egg production.


05/00005   Cot Lane. Replacement of overhead lines. No objection.


05/00029   Appleby, Frittenden Rd. First floor rear extension. No objection.


05/00052  9 Glebelands. Patio/deck (retrospective). No objection.


TP/00001.  Cheveney Place, 4 The Nightingales. Fell two oak trees. No objection.


The full Council is asked to consider the following,

TC 05/00010  Old Mill Corner, Tenterden Road. Various tree works. No objection.


05/00072   62 Headcorn Road, Single storey rear extension. No objection.


05/00107   Broadoaks, Fosten Lane. Provision of 2 horse box stable. No objection.



Biddenden Parish Council


The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on February 8th 2005


£458.30           S Keen, Lengthsman, Wages.  NB £368.00 represents wages and

                        £90.30  represents Tax Credit at £6.02 per day from 25th January to February 8th which we have to pay and reclaim from the Inland                                           Revenue.                                                                                  541


£432.03           G Smith, Clerk, Salary                                                  542


£100.00           G Smith, Clerk, Imprest account (Office expenses since July 2004) 543


£020.95           S Keen, Lengthsman, Gloves and lamp for store                        544


£028.20           Turners Stores. Black sacks for refuse                          545


£020.68           British Gates. Linseed oil                                                           546


£131.60           Four Jays Group. Toilets for Fete June 4th.                               547





The following monies have been received


£450.00           Biddenden Club House. Gordon Jones car park maintenance fees for 2004 and first half 2005


£150.00           Donation from BEST towards “Walking Bus” route through

                        Jubilee Meadow


£200.00           Biddenden Cricket Club. Use of pitches 2004. (Club since closed)