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14th December 2004




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 These minutes are subject to approval at the meeting on January 11th 2005

Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall

on  December 14th 2004



Cllr Mrs E Cansdale – Chairman                                               Cllr H Richards

Cllr Mrs U Ainscough                                                               Cllr J Rymer Jones

Cllr M Conway                                                                        Cllr P Whapham


Apologies for absence, Cllrs Mrs Ashcroft, Mrs Ashton, R Brown, Mrs Scott,

Mrs Swain and Cllr N Bell, Ashford Borough Council.

 No parishioners were present.

 1   There were no alterations to members Register of Interests.

 2   The minutes of the meeting held on November 9th were approved and signed by the Chairman.

 3   Matters arising.

Access from school to Jubilee Meadow.

Cllr Richards reported that the school has a key to the gate and can use the Meadow for educational purposes. It is not available for general public access.

Purchase of a party tent.

Cllr Conway said a 4m x 8m tent had been donated by a villager (Mr Jacobs) and this is just what the council required. It was unanimously agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to Mr Jacobs.

Village gateways.

Cllr Conway said this matter should be “put on hold” until the issue of a speed sign on the approach from Tenterden is resolved as part of the Mill Corner scheme.

 4   Post Office update.

A copy of the PO Liaison Committee meeting held on December 9th was circulated to all councillors  - a further copy is attached.

 5   Speed cameras.

Nothing further to report on hand held cameras.

Regarding the provision of a flashing speed sign on the approach from Tenterden as part of the Mill Corner planning permission this seemed to be at variance with previously stated highway “rules” on approach distances. The Clerk was asked to resolve via Cllr Bell. 

 6   Parish Plan.

(Mr Greensted had apologised for his absence). It was noted that the questionnaire results had been circulated to all households in the village. The cost of printing these (£228) was approved by the Council.

Cllr Rymer Jones queried the status of the Plan and it was explained that when complete the Parish Council would adopt it either in full or with amendments. Any possible residential expansion would be an aspect the Parish Council would need to adopt as part of the Plan. 

Concerning recycling and refuse issues in the Plan councillors asked that ABC be requested to consider a refuse skip or lorry, for large items, visiting the village on a regular basis to reduce fly tipping around the lanes. Other Boroughs had this facility. The Clerk was asked to approach Cllr Bell on the matter.

 7   Reports from lead councillors.

  • Cllr Conway had attended a police meeting and had available the local Weald police plan for inspection. He said Biddenden was now in section 4 of the Weald and our two contacts were Inspector Annaike on 0798 068 3988 or

            PC Toby Burns on 0787 025 2413. PC Burns is responsible for Biddenden and High Halden.

  • Cllr Richards said a preliminary meeting had already taken place making arrangements for the Grand Village Fete on June 4th from 12.00 to 17.00.

            (NB This is a revised date) The main purpose of the Fete is to allow village organisations to have stalls and make a profit for their activities as well as, of     course, having an enjoyable village event.

            Cllr Richards also reported that in discussions with the Rural Payments Agency it was possible that we may get grants for stewardship of the     Millennium Field as well as the Jubilee Meadow.

  • Cllr Rymer Jones reported that he had attended the KAPC AGM where two main topics had been discussed, KCC Local Boards and the Freedom of Information Act. As regards the former there appeared to be grant money available and Cllr Conway would follow up. As regards the latter the Clerk reported that there would be a KAPC “teach in” in 2005 at which it was agreed the Council would be represented.

At the Ashford area KAPC meeting on December 1st items discussed included the Integrated Kent Franchise (railway services), the proposed Licencing Laws and a new publication “Ashford Voice” which would publicise activities in the Ashford Borough area.

            It was noted that the KRCC had now become “Action with Communities in Rural Kent” and that in view of their valuable support for parish work the      Council would join at the requested annual fee of £35.

            Cllr Rymer Jones reported some vandalism damage to lights in the churchyard.

  • Cllr Whapham reported that funding was available via KCC for local footpath inspection and repairs and he would report further in the New Year.

  • The Chairman wished to record the Councils thanks to Mrs Scales for organising the recent village “litter pick”.



8   Planning. See below

As regards the now authorised Mill Corner development it was agreed that surface water could be drained (by pipe) to the Millennium Field ditch but that the proposed works must be agreed by the appropriate Council members (Cllrs Richards and Conway)

It was also agreed that any builders vehicles could use the parking area beyond the Squash Club during the construction stage (NB not the tarmac area by the recycling bins.)


9   Finance. See below

The proposed 2005/6 budget was discussed and was agreed apart from a reduction in the likely income from the Grand Fete (see 7 above) from £1000 to £500.

It was specially noted that the village precept would rise from £30,000 to £50,000 to help pay for the new Post Office. Even at this figure the average cost of all the Parish Council activities and the new Post Office would be approximately £1 per household per week.

 It was agreed to make a £100 Christmas donation to the local Green Fields School

 10   Correspondence.

There were only a few items.

  • The complaint about non residents parking at the end of Church View was noted but was not felt to be an issue the Council could control.

  • It was noted that Ongley Lane would be closed for road works from 21.02.05 to 06.03.05

  • It was decided not to contribute to the South East Regional Play Association.

  • The KCC Local Board was hosting a Flood Meeting on January 12th next.

 11   The meeting closed at 9.20pm and the Chairman thanked all councillors for their support during the year and wished them a Happy Christmas.

 12   Next meeting.  January 11th 2005.


  Graham Smith, Parish Clerk, December 15th 2004                    01622 890596



The Council considered the following planning matters at its meeting on December 14th 2004

Decisions received from Ashford Borough Council


04/00160   Great Omenden Farm, Pook Lane. New farm bungalow.Refused.

04/00390   Old Mill Corner, Tenterden Road, Development of nine houses.

                        Permission granted.

04/01235   Green Acres, Sissinghurst Road. Creation of fishing ponds etc.


04/01321    Pinnock Farm, High Halden Road. Replacement outbuilding.

                        Permission granted.

04/01343    9 Glebelands, Biddenden. Patio/deck (retrospective) Refused.

04/01568   Thousand Acres, High Halden Rd. Revised location for previously                           consented building. Permission granted.

04/01689   Folk Meadow, Tenterden Road. Shower room & single bedroom.


04/01699   Ibornden Farm, Frittenden Rd.  Provision of private sand school.

                        Permission granted.

04/01717   2 Worsenden Cottages, Sissinghurst Road. Vehicle crossing/drop kerb.

                        Permission granted.

04/01719   Little Monks Cottage, Smarden Rd. Change of agricultural use to keep horse.

                        Permission granted.

04/01754/5  Little Bedgebury Farm. Conversion of exiting barn to annexe.

                        Permission granted.

04/01779   Little Whatmans, Gribble Bridge Lane. Access stairs to first floor.

                        Permission granted.

03/00819   Priory Wood, Tenterden Road. Appeal against ABC enforcement                                  notices. Hearing on December 7th 2004


Decisions of the Parish Council Planning Group for approval by the full Council.

04/01953   21 High Street. Demolition of outside WC & construction of rear extension.

                        No objections.

04/01960   Cheveney Place, The Nightingales. Loft conversion and extension.

                        No objections.

04/01993   Pedlars Farm, Mockbeggar Lane. Addition to existing house etc.

                        No objections.

TO04/00150  58 North Street, Biddenden. Fell trees and replacements.

                        No objections. (Trees being replaced by agreement)


To be considered by the Council at its meeting on 14th December

04/01940   Pell House Farm, Sissinghurst Rd. New dwelling.

Support Weald of Kent Preservation Society comments.

04/02098   Shortswood Cottage, Cranbrook Rd. Erection of a swimming pool building.

                        No objections.

TP04/00174   34 The Meadows. Reduce crown and spread of oak tree. (Previous similar application was for 33 The Meadows.)  No Objections.


To note.

Information has been received from “Synergy” Ltd. concerning additions to the mast on Biddenden Telephone Exchange, North Street. Full application will be received via ABC in due course.



The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on December 14th 2004


£139.00           J Mannouch, Lengthsman, Wages. This is his last payment as the new Lengthsman, Shaun Keen, has taken over from today.           518


£432.00*         G Smith, Clerk, Salary                          519


£160.00*         G Smith, Clerk, Backdated salary increase April–November 2004. 519


£79.97             Swaines, Tenterden. High Visibility jacket, wellingtons and leggings for new Lengthsman.                                               520


£36.00             Biddenden Squash Club–Wine for Mayors party at Bonfire Night  521


£5.10               Mrs Scott – expenses for Bonfire Night (meat)  522


£19.57             Mrs Cansdale – Various food for Bonfire Night 523


£20.93             Mrs Cansdale – Flowers for War Memorial                  524


£60.87             Mrs Cansdale – Telephone calls for July to November 2004               525


£23.50             Mr Rymer Jones – Mileage to and lunch at KAPC AGM                    526


£240.88           “Sota.” Computer Club Broadband for three months.              527


£600.00           All Saints Church, Council insertions in Parish magazine.                      528


£220.00           Ashford Borough Council. Planning application for Post Office.    517



 The following money has been received,


£1612.30         Rural Payments Agency. Stewardship scheme for Jubilee Meadow



* The Council agreed to pay the Clerk at the NALC rate of £7.553 per hour (gross) for 70 hours per month from April 2004. This scale subsequently increased to £7.913 per hour (gross) from July 2004 (backdated to 1st April 2004).