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9th September 2003




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Minutes of the meeting held in the Old Village Hall on September 9th 2003



Cllr Mrs E Cansdale – Chairman                                               Cllr R Brown

Cllr Mrs G Scott – Vice Chairman                                           

Cllr Mrs U Ainscough                                                               Cllr H Richards

Cllr Mrs J Ashcroft                                                                   Cllr J Rymer Jones

Cllr Mrs R Ashton                                                                    Cllr P Whapham


Cllr N Bell – Ashford Borough Council

Apologies for absence – Cllrs M Conway and Mrs B Swain

One parishioner was present.

1   There were no alterations to the Members Register of Interests.

2   Under the new agenda item giving parishioners the opportunity to raise any topic, Mr Dillon from Glebelands drew attention to
 the occasional disturbance caused by one particular aircraft flying from Headcorn aerodrome. Most councillors considered the
noise nuisance in Biddenden to be less than in previous years but did agree to see whether the council could be represented
on the Consultative Committee for Headcorn Aerodrome. The clerk would check this possibility.


3   Minutes of the August 12th meeting.

These were signed by the Chairman subject to noting that under minute 9 the possible cost of producing a door to door parish
newsletter would probably be met by a grant and so the cost to the parish would be nil or very little.

Under minute 6 item 6 it was noted that the fruit trees would be in the Gordon Jones not the Millennium field.


4   Reports from lead councillors.

          ·        Cllr Mrs Ainscough had studied the KCC annual plan and as far as Biddenden was concerned she felt the
          main issues were the recognition of the pressure for additional housing and the desire to maintain the traditional
          village structure.

         (These comments in the Plan were not specific to Biddenden but concerned the  whole county)                                                                                                                          

          ·        Cllr Mrs Ashcroft had no particular road issues to report but did remind councillors that the "Litter Week"
          organised by Mrs Scales would commence on September 21st.

         Anyone willing to help should make contact on 01580 292525

          ·        Cllr Mrs Ashton was pleased to report that about 14 youths had joined the Junior Squash Club. Also
          it was noted that the Tenterden Youth Project would start again in the Gordon Jones car park on September 16th.


          ·        Cllr Brown reported that the membrane and bark chippings around the "Sputnik" in the play area need attention.
          He agreed to organise repairs. He also reported that the hedge in the east side play compound needs cutting.
          Cllr Richards agreed to organise this.

          It was agreed that signs needed to be provided at the Gordon Jones Field asking that dog fouling be avoided as it is a childrens play area. Cllr Ashton reminded  everybody that free "dog bags" were available at the Post Office. The clerk
          would order the necessary signs.

          ·        It was generally agreed that the village needed an "odd job person" who could take on minor repair items as,
          for example, above. The clerk would advertise for this.

         Anyone interested could contact the clerk now on 01622 890596.

          ·        Various estimates were tabled for the provision of replacement posts between the Gordon Jones car park and
          the playing field. As Cllr Richards was no longer able to undertake the work it was agreed the clerk ask Tate Fencing to
          do the job subject to final confirmation of costs. The Chairman agreed to meet them on site to check location details.

          ·        Cllr Mrs Cansdale had no police matters to report.

          ·        Cllr Richards said the Millennium Field & Jubilee Meadow Committee meeting had been postponed. However he did report that DEFRA funding for educational access to the Jubilee Meadow would rise from £200 to £500 p.a.

          Also additional fish had been stocked in the Millennium Field pond at the request of young village anglers.

          ·     Cllr Rymer Jones reported that the Biddenden Design Statement had been formally approved by Ashford Borough
          Council as supplementary planning guidance and was currently being printed.

          ·     Cllr Mrs Scott reported that she hoped a new Biddenden Post Office Liaison Group would be formed following a
          meeting on September 22nd. This would work towards a permanent location for a new office. Also to note that the old
           Post Office building had been sold and the new owners would not wish to have the Post Office back in the building.

          ·     Cllr Whapham reported that the Village Hall Management Committee were willing to address the council and the
          Post Office Liaison Group concerning any proposal to locate a permanent Post Office in the Village Hall. The Chairman
           said if, in due course, it was necessary the offer would be accepted.


5   Planning.   See below.

Cllr Richards and Cllr Mrs Scott were concerned that some planning applications that the parish objected to were then approved by the Borough
Council without, it seemed, proper justification. They would like clarity.

The clerk would liaise with ABC planning officers and Cllr Bell to seek clarification.

It was reported by Cllr Bell that there was a possible ABC planning objection to Cllr Whapham’s application to build a farm house on his property.
 The issue may go to Planning Committee and the Parish Council would support this. The clerk agreed to establish the facts and write to ABC if necessary. (Cllr Whapham had left the meeting during this discussion.)


6   Finance. See below.

Councillors agreed to a request from BTCV to fund our Pond and Tree Wardens at £80 per head to BTCV – not a payment to the wardens
themselves who are volunteers.

Councillors formally noted that the 2002/3 Parish accounts had been audited by the Internal Auditor on September 2nd and were found to be in
 good order. It was agreed the Chairman should sign them for sending to the Audit Commission.

It was agreed that any excess funds beyond normal transactions in the Millennium Field account be transferred to the council Reserve Account
to attract interest. Records of such movements must be maintained by the clerk.



7   Village Plan.

Cllr Bell (ABC) emphasised the urgency of producing a Village Plan to meet Ashford Borough Councils planning cycle. If we do not have
a Plan then developments could be foist on the parish. Whilst it was accepted that a detailed Plan could take at least a year to prepare
it was essential that an outline Plan be produced more quickly.

It was agreed that Cllr Rymer Jones try and organise a meeting for councillors with Kathy Bugden of KRCC on September 23rd to
establish some ground rules and key dates. (Subsequently it was established this meeting could not be before late October.)


8   Village Open Meeting.

It was agreed this would be "on hold" until the outcome of 7 above was established.

On the specific issue of a newsletter to all village homes Cllr Rymer Jones reported this could be done in conjunction with the Parish
Magazine four times per annum (commencing in December) at a cost of £1500 of which £1200 was likely to be covered by a grant. T
he balance of £300 would be shared between the PCC and Parish Council. Councillors supported this initiative which is a prerequisite
of any move to Quality Council status. Cllr Rymer Jones gave councillors a draft of an initial article to be in the October Parish Magazine.

Looking to input for the newsletter it was agreed a parish diary would be appreciated and Cllr Mrs Ainscough agreed to be the
focal point for this.


Tenterden Tigers Football Club.

The clerk outlined a discussion he had held with their chairman when it was explained that the Tigers had received a donation
 towards further pitches and were likely to receive additional grants from football bodies. If this all happened then they would like to
expand their youth pitches to a new site and Biddenden was a possibility. The question was whether the council was for or against this?
After discussion councillors agreed they were not opposed to the basis of the idea but clearly would need much more information before
any decisions could be reached. The next move was for the Tigers to develop their proposals.


10 BEST Bonfire night.

This was noted for November 7th and councillors agreed support with their normal advert in the programme.


The meeting closed at 10.30pm


11  Next meeting.

October 14th.


The Council approved the following payments at its meeting on September 9th 2003:


£241.62           J Beeken, Lengthsman – wages  (392)

£393.31           G Smith, Clerk – salary  (393)

£56.00             Tull Sports and Leisure – junior squash rackets  (394)

£34.08             Iden Signs – Millennium Field signs  (395)

£329.00           Internal audit fee.  (£49.00 VAT recoverable)  (396)


Would the Council agree to make a donation to BTCV (the national body covering voluntary conservation matters like our Tree and Pond
 wardens) who are asking for parish council donations to top up reduced funds from KCC and ABC. They suggest £80 per warden.
 (£160 agreed by the Council)

The Internal Audit was satisfactorily completed on September 2nd and a written report will follow. (See minute 6)


Planning matters considered at the meeting on September 9th 2003


Decisions received from Ashford Borough Council


03/00062  1 Mansion House Close. Tree works. No objections.

03/00067  School House, High Street. Tree works. No objections.

03/00667  The Barn Oast, North Street. Installation of PVC windows and timber doors. Consent granted.

03/00819  Priory Wood, Tenterden Road. Change of use to caravan site. Refused.

03/01171  Priory Mead, Tenterden Road. Conservatory. Permission granted.

03/01264  White House Farm, Hareplain Road. Lean to on existing dutch barn.

Council is content for work to proceed.


Land at Newcastle Corner – Messrs Brown and Summers Motors. Appeal by Public Inquiry at Ashford on October 14th against
ABC Enforcement Order re a change of use, without planning permission, at the above site

The following decisions were made by Cllrs Mrs Cansdale, Mrs Scott and Mrs Swain


03/01255 & 6  Great Batchelors, Sissinghurst Road. New double garage and conservatory and conversion of existing garage to
gym, studio and home office.


03/01301 Little Mockbeggar, Mockbeggar Lane. Conversion of barn to holiday let.

Not possible to consider because of inadequate plans.

03/01322  Tree Tops, Mockbeggar Lane. Two storey addition. Object.


The following applications are for council consideration at the meeting

03/01399  Little Crampton Farm, High Halden (just in Biddenden). Resiting existing dutch barn from near farmhouse to field. No objections.

03/1403 &1404  Stede Quarter Farm House, High Halden Road. Erection of conservatory and porch.  No objections.


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