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14th May 2002



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Minutes of the Statutory Annual Meeting of Biddenden Parish Council

held in the Old Village Hall on Tuesday May 14th 2002 at 7.30 pm


Cllr. Mrs E Cansdale Cllr. G Raffe

Cllr. M Conway Cllr. T Richards

Cllr. E Farris Cllr. Mrs G Scott

Cllr. Mrs E Griffiths Cllr. Mrs B Swain

Cllr. D Harrison Cllr. B Wingham

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr M Stokes and Cllr. N Bell (ABC)

6 parishioners were also present.

Prior to the opening of the meeting the Chairman, Cllr. Wingham, presented flowers and a gift, on behalf of the Council, to the retiring Parish Clerk, Carolyn Greasley, and thanked her for her excellent work as Clerk over the past three years.

1 There were no questions or comments from the parishioners present.



Cllr. Wingham indicated that he wished to stand down from the role of Chairman and asked for nominations for a new Chairman. Cllr Mrs Swain proposed Cllr. T Richards, this was seconded by Cllr. E Farris and unanimously approved by the council.

The new Chairman thanked the councillors for their support and said that with a busy year ahead he hoped the whole village would support the dedication of the Council to do its best for the parish.

The Chairman asked for nominations for Vice Chairman. Cllr. Mrs Griffiths proposed Cllr Mrs Cansdale, this was seconded by Clir Raffe and approved by all members present.

The Chairman asked that the clerk add the new Vice Chairman to the list of bank signatories.


3 MEMBERSHIP OF COUNCIL COMMITTEES 2002/2003. The following was agreed by the Council.

Millennium Field

Cllrs Mrs Cansdale, Conway, Farris, Richards and Mrs Swain (Secretary)

Non Councillors. Messrs H Richards, Cops, R Swain, J Weedon and Mr & Mrs Hams.

Playing Fields and Village Maintenance

Cllrs Mrs Cansdale, Farris, Harrison, Richards, Mrs Swain.

Police Liaison

Cllrs Mrs Cansdale, M Conway, H Stoke

Parish Forum

Cllr. Conway


Cllr. Conway and the clerk Mr G Smith

Village Halls

Cllr. Mrs Griffiths


Cllr. H Stokes

News Correspondent

Cllr Wingham


4 The minutes of the Council meeting held on April 9 were approved and signed by the Chairman.


5 Members present passed their Code of Conduct Register of interest forms to the clerk for passing to ABC. Copies of these forms will be available at all full Council meetings in the future.


6 The minutes of the Planning Meeting held on May 2 were noted.  A list of Planning Decisions received from ABC was tabled.



All the payments listed on page 5 were approved by the Council.

The Chairman explained that the 240 for replacement trees for the Millennium Field was a previously agreed initial replacement for any dead trees. Any further replacement would be the responsibility of the initial donor.

The clerk explained that following a KAPC meeting today it was possible that the 2001/2002 accounts, previously audited by the internal auditor Cllr Wingham, would need auditing again as councillors were no longer permitted to audit their own Council accounts. it was agreed that the matter would be reviewed at the next Council meeting on June 11th as KAPC were seeking further clarification from the Audit Commission on this previously "unknown" requirement.

It was noted that a new internal auditor would be necessary for 2002/2003.

In the light of these new audit requirements and a strong emphasis on financial control it was suggested that the Council appoint a Finance Sub Committee. The Chairman broadly supported this proposal and asked that it be considered again at the June 1 l meeting.



The clerk read or tabled various items received. The following were particularly noted,

Condition of High Street pavements

Cllr.  Wingham explained that full repairs were unlikely before the 2003/4 financial year but he was exploring possible sources of short term funding.

Benenden Road closure for water main works

This was noted and the clerk was asked to write to ABC to ensure signed access to the important tourist destination of Biddenden Vineyards was maintained

All Saints Church Flower Festival June 1st - 4th

The Council had no objection to the provision of a banner on the Green.

The Kent Men of Trees annual competition

The Council wished to enter this competition. Details passed to Mrs Daly.

Handy Van scheme

Cllr Conway tabled details of this home security protection scheme for older vulnerable people. Copies to be placed on the village notice board and passed to the W.I. and Darby & Joan.

Following information he had received Cllr. Raffe raised the issue of amenity groups no longer being able to question planning applications and asked the clerk to seek details of this, probably from ABC.



Mr Carr thanked all who took part in the recent photographic survey of the village and the subsequent exhibition of the results.

Production of the Design Statement itself was now being discussed with the aim of printing about 300/500 copies of the 16 page document.

The Chairman congratulated Mr Carr and his team for the work done so far and for the enthusiasm shown.



ClIr Conway tabled the Committee minutes of May 7

He asked the Council to support a proposal that the Committee should also manage the newly acquired field. After discussion it was agreed that the Millennium Field Committee would look after the new field until the next Council meeting on June l when the matter would be considered further.

As regards the gates proposed in item 4 the Council approved their provision.

As regards item 8 it was agreed that the Chairman would write to Mr Daryll Marchant to thank him for his work, It was agreed that as the new notice board was to be erected on May 18 the Council would support the urgent purchase of the necessary sand and ballast and equipment to prepare the fixing.



It was agreed that this would be erected in the lower portion of new field visible from the church and the Sissinghurst Road. Cllr Wingham said he had had discussions with various parishioners and felt this decision had broad support. Mr Brown agreed to arrange the erection of the Beacon at no cost to the Council and the Chairman thanked him for this kind generosity.



Following the presentation by Mrs Norley of the Silver Felix Centre at the Annual Parish Meeting on April 23RD  it was agreed that Mrs Griffiths would progress the matter via the Village Halls Committee. The Committee would also seek involvement of those keen to establish a skate park.

The clerk would write to Mrs Norley indicating our support for her scheme.



The clerk to ask the Borough Council to clear rubbish accumulating at Cheeselands and on the green in The Meadows estate.


14 The following items to be on the agenda for the June 11th meeting.

Biddenden Consolidated Charities appointment of a new trustee.

Appointment of a Council Finance Sub Committee.

Appointment of a new Internal Auditor.

Long term management arrangements for the new fields.


15 As the clerk is on holiday at the next meeting it was noted that the previous clerk, Mrs Greasley, had kindly agreed to take the notes and prepare the minutes for the June 1 meeting. An appropriate payment would be made.


16 The meeting closed at 9.35pm.


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