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13th February 2001




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Minutes of a meeting of the Biddenden Parish Council

Held on Tuesday 13th February 2001 at 7.30p.m. in the Club House



Cllr. E Farris – Chairman

Cllr. D. Harrison


Cllr. Mrs. G. Scott

Cllr. H. M. Stokes


Cllr. Mrs. E. M. Griffiths

Cllr. T. Richards


Cllr. Mrs. E Cansdale

Cllr. Mrs. B. Swain


Cllr. M. Conway

Cllr. B. Wingham



Cllr. N. Bell (Borough Councillor)


Cllr. G. Raffe




No questions raised.


The minutes of the meeting of Tuesday 9 January 2001 were approved and signed.


High Street Pavements – Emergency repairs have been carried out with tarmac. (Highways Unit has since confirmed that this is semi-permanent until a suitable alternative and funds can be found. Also that the repairs by the Lych Gate will be attended to shortly. ) The Highways Unit is to confirm the situation regarding the Bethersden Marble stones removed from the curb outside Turners Stores, and bids for funding in the next financial year.

Red Lion Window – This matter has been resolved.

Missing Street Light, North Street - This is due to be re-instated shortly.

Website ( – The basic site is now up and running although there is plenty of scope for addition/improvement. Suggestions for its use include posting details of current parish news, Village Appraisal and, in the future, the Village Design Statement. Consideration is to be given to additional content/uses. AGREED.



Although legal investigations by the Highways Unit have not been completed, Andy Corcoron still expects this to be included in the JTC Meeting on 6th March.

Cllr. Bell has suggested considering a moratorium of say two years on any further formal discussion or decision, in light of the current high level of bad feeling that has been generated. NOTED.

After discussion it was decided that the matter should go before the Joint Transportation Committee, as per the deferment decision of the Committee at its meeting in January. Cllr. Scott will represent the Parish Council on 6th March. AGREED.



Planning Committee Decisions:


64 Headcorn Road, Biddenden


Proposed alterations and first floor addition



23 Mansion House Close, Biddenden


Conversion of existing double garage to family room and construction of new attached double garage.


Too large for width of plot in this special landscape area i.e. the close proximity of the proposed development to the boundary and footpath.


33 High Street, Biddenden


T1 & T2 (unknown species) – fell




Full Council Decisions:


East Ongley Farm, Beech Lane


Storage and warehousing



Land adj. The Willows, 53 North Street Biddenden


Erection of a single new 5 bed detached dwelling with garage and site access.


The Council recommends refusal of this application as it does not believe the proposal strictly constitutes infill development. The Council does not wish to set a precedent for similar applications.


Smarden Business Estate, Monks Hill Smarden


Direction information signs



Frogs Hole Farm, Sissinghurst Road


Mobile home to serve agricultural holding and temporary use of farm office as ancillary residential use.

(supporting agricultural appraisal enclosed)



Great Batchelors Lodge, Sissinghurst Road


Demolition of existing garage and replacement with new garage and store


HG/01/06000/AS (DEL)

Hedge No. H115, Bell Lane Smarden to Hedge No. 163 at High Halden

Notification of Proposal to Remove a Hedgerow


Hedgerow removal – construction of a 1200mm buried steel gas pipeline. Removal of 8m lengths at roadsides and 16m in fields.


That the hedges are re-instated.

4 & 10-Year Rule and Listed Building Enforcement Time Limits – Clarification of these rules was received in a letter from the Planning Compliance Officer. NOTED.

Human Rights Issues - Ashford BC has confirmed its current advice to consultees in this respect. NOTED.

The Local Plan – Planning Department has no means of extracting the sections of the Local Plan that are most likely to apply to planning applications in parishes such as Biddenden. NOTED.

Installation of a cremator, Cherry Tree Farm – Considered by KCC Planning Applications Sub-Committee on 12 February. NOTED

Rose Cottage Farm, North Street – Ashford BC is proceeding with enforcement action. The recent retrospective application (00/1789/AS) was withdrawn before its outcome was determined.


(WPC Annie Williams arrived at this point and gave an update on police matters)


Authorisation was given to pay the cheques presented and the receipts were noted.

BEST Donation - Funds will be used to harden up the access from the Millennium Field to the bonfire site. AGREED (The Clerk has sent an acknowledgement to the Parish Magazine to this effect.)

Transfer of funds - £59.09 transferred to MF Account. (MF element of Vat refund) NOTED.

Internal Audit – Cllr. Wingham was thanked for conducting an internal audit of the Council accounts on 16th January 2001.


Combined Fax/photocopier/scanner & printer

A proposal to accept a quotation for an HP Officejet G85 from Inmac was seconded, agreed and a cheque for £468.74, payable to Micro Warehouse Ltd. APPROVED (160).

Village Mowing


D Brightling (Fairway Engineering)

£30.00 + Vat per cut (once every 2-3 weeks)

Mr. Brightling’s quote was APPROVED.

Maintenance at Playing Field

1)Drainage work


G & S Brown:


Replace blocked and damaged drain and associated work

£960.00 + Vat

Replace four manhole covers and frames etc.

£476.80 + Vat


2) Maintenance of existing car park


P R Brown:


Scrape off surface and refill allowing for 20 tonnes of material

£450.00 + Vat

(Extra material if required per 20 tonne load

£200.00 + Vat)


Penfolds & Beaneys: details as above



3) Excavation of car park area behind Bowls Club:


Details as per Cllr. Richard’s specification


P R Brown:


Excavation, laying of hardcore and re-distribution of spoil

£5,150.00 plus Vat

Transport of machinery

£180.00 plus Vat

Additional cost to supply and lay membrane between soil and hardcore

£340.00 plus Vat

Total (including membrane)

£5,670.00 plus Vat


J Ralph Stevens Ltd.


Excavation, laying of hardcore and re-distribution of spoil

£6,200.00 plus Vat

Additional cost to supply and lay membrane between soil and hardcore

£350.00 plus Vat

Total (including membrane)

£6,550.00 plus Vat


Penfolds & Beaneys


Excavation, laying of hardcore and re-distribution of spoil


Additional cost to supply and lay membrane between soil and hardcore.


The following works were agreed and quotations (as detailed above) APPROVED:

Drainage work- G & S Brown. Proposed by Cllr. Richards and seconded by Cllr. Mrs. Swain. AGREED.

Maintenance of exiting car park – P R Brown. Proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr. Stokes. AGREED.

Excavation of car park area behind the Bowls Club - After lengthy discussions Cllr. Conway proposed that this work be carried out. This was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. Swain and AGREED. The quotation from PR Brown was then accepted and APPROVED.

Details of the current financial situation were tabled at the start of the meeting. Although these figures were in excess of those included in the current year’s budget it was agreed that sufficient funds were available.


Local Needs Housing Survey - Results of the recent questionnaire are to be requested from The Rural Housing Trust. The Trust is also to be asked whether consideration has been given to the location of any future housing.

Ashford Borough Council Housing Survey – results TABLED.

Funding for additional Policing – Cllr. Conway is to raise the matter of Superintendent Pryer's recent letter on the subject at the next Police and Parish Forum meeting. NOTED.

Ashford BC Draft Strategy for the Inspection of Contaminated Land - Comments are requested by 19 March. The Borough Council is also interested to receive any information on sites that may be historically contaminated.

The Council for Voluntary Service is holding a launch event on Thursday 15 March (11.30-1.30 Rare Breeds Centre Woodchurch). The event will cover various aspects of voluntary work. Replies are required by 28 February. NOTED.

Tree removal Glebelands – Ashford BC has confirmed that the tree, which was removed due to its poor condition, will be replaced by 3 trees within the next two months. Details are to be sent to a local resident for circulation. AGREED. (Ashford BC has now ordered three sugar maples and may also have some additional trees available for planting in the vicinity of Glebelands/The Meadows.)

A resident of Headcorn Road has asked the Parish Council for its assistance in resolving an on-going problem with a drain outside his property. Highways Unit has added this to its list of outstanding matters. NOTED.

Kent Energy requires volunteers to become community advisors. NOTED.

KCC has published its Rural Revival Report for 1999/2000. TABLED.

Tenterden Tigers FC – Approval was granted for a further soccer coaching school in August 2001. AGREED.

Notice of Application for the Transfer of Licence for Chart Hills Golf Club - The application will be made on 8th March. NOTED.

Mobile Speed Indicator Device – The Clerk is awaiting feedback from its recent deployment in North Street.

Speeding Offences - The editor of the Kentish Express has tried to publish details of motorists convicted of speeding offences, however the Court Clerks say they have insufficient resources. He has suggested that a letter from the Parish Council may assist. AGREED.

The Annual Parish Meeting has been arranged for Tuesday 24th April 2001. It was suggested that either a representative from English Nature or the Ashford BC Countryside Officer be invited to speak. AGREED. Cllr. Richards will liaise with the Clerk before an invitation is issued.


The closing date for entries is 31 March 2001. Entries are invited in any one (or more) of five categories – Environmental Action, Business, Young People, Older People and Community Life. Details, including a request for volunteers, are to be sent to the news correspondent, Kentish Express.


The idea of additional character street lighting in the High Street is to be discussed at the next meeting.

The faulty light on the traffic island in North Street is to be reported.


Picnic table - British Gates is to submit a quote for a replacement picnic table. Wood from the damaged table is to be used to make new seats. AGREED.

New sign – An agreement has been approved by the NALC solicitors and a copy sent to Mr. Corner for signature. Iden Signs is to confirm whether its previous quote is still valid then the order is to be placed. AGREED.

Sputnik roundabout – Approval was given for the seats to be replaced. AGREED.

Work at the Children’s Play Area – Duncan Brightling, Fairway Engineering has met with the Chairman to discuss the work required and will submit a quotation shortly.


Cllr. Richards reported on the minutes of the meeting held on 7th February 2001.

Dipping Platforms - It has been decided not to install lifebelts for fear of vandalism.

English Nature – the Conservation officer has visited the Millennium Field site.

Bird Boxes – These will not now be purchased from Grafty Green Garden Centre as originally agreed.

Top Pond – progress is being made with the drainage problem.

Dates for the "Working Saturdays" (fortnightly from 10/02/01) up until Easter, are to be displayed on the noticeboard, website and published in the Kentish Express.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 28th March 2001.

(Cllr. Scott left the meeting at this point)


Cllr. Conway reported on the latest Area Committee Meeting at which Peter Spiller, Development Implementation Manager, Ashford Borough Council gave a presentation. Discussions centred around Human Rights Issues and how this may affect the way Parish Councils deal with planning applications – in particular those where a decision is required before a Council Meeting. NOTED.


March agenda to include: Consider charges to Biddenden Club House for maintenance at Playing Field, agenda for Annual Parish Meeting, Street lighting, Noticeboard, VDS and Village maintenance.


The next meeting of the Council will be held on Tuesday 13th March 2001 at the Club House.

The meeting closed at 9.36p.m

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