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11th September 2001




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Minutes of a meeting of the Biddenden Parish Council

Held on Tuesday 11th September 2001 at 7.30p.m. in the Club House

Present: Cllr. B. Wingham - Chairman Cllr. D. Harrison
  Cllr. G. Raffe Cllr. T. Richards
  Cllr. M. Conway Cllr. Mrs. E. M. Griffiths
  Cllr. Mrs. E Cansdale Mr. R Carr
Apologies: Cllr. E Farris Cllr. H. M. Stokes
  Cllr. Mrs. G. Scott Cllr. Mrs. B. Swain
  Cllr. N. Bell  


After taking questions from the public the Chairman proceeded with the business of the Council as follows:

(Cllr. Conway left the meeting at 7.40p.m.)


(This item was moved up the agenda with the Chairman’s permission)

Mr. Carr updated the Council on the progress of plans for the Open Meeting on 23rd September and the amount of expenditure incurred. Consideration needs to be given to whether a ‘Village’ or ‘Parish’ Plan is required. NOTED. (Mr. Carr left the meeting at 8.05p.m)

A resolution to proceed with Parish Plan registration was proposed, seconded and AGREED.

The Clerk advised the meeting on the spending powers for such a project.

Cllr. Mrs. Cansdale and Cllr. Richards agreed to be the two Parish Council representatives to work alongside Mr. Carr on his Committee, although Cllr. Richards will only carry out this role in the initial stages whilst a replacement is sought.


The minutes of the meeting of Tuesday 14th August 2001 were approved and signed.


Rural Housing Trust Proposals – Details of the latest reply from the Rural Housing Trust were tabled. A decision was made to defer further discussions until the next meeting to allow the views of absent Councillors to be heard. AGREED.

Kent Circus School – Further correspondence has been received in respect of the Council’s letter of settlement. NOTED. (The Chairman of the Millennium Field Committee has agreed to meet with the organisation in due course, if required.)

KAPC Presentation at November PC Meeting – Details of the planned presentation were given and NOTED.

High Street Pavements – Cllr. Wingham is to meet with Mr. Watson of the Highways Unit to discuss how the available money is to be allocated and will report back accordingly. NOTED.

Ashford BC Car Park Hedge – Following an on-site meeting with Cllr. Wingham, the Borough Council has agreed further ‘grubbing out’ and re-planting work, which will take place in the autumn. The fence at the rear of the car park will be repaired within the next few weeks. Cllr. Wingham will report back in due course. NOTED.

Playing Field – the picnic bench is now in position.



Site Meeting

Details obtained from the site visit by Andy Corcoran and Richard Smith of the Highways Unit were given:

    Markings on the road by the car park entrance indicate the planned "promitory" – which will be edged in curbstone and infilled with turf.

    The bollards and yellow lines will be replaced.

    The curb line from the car park entrance to the traffic island (Tenterden Road) is to be extended further into the road.

    Once the Safety Audit has been completed (approx. 2 weeks) work will commence subject to the availability of the contractors.

    2-3 months after the completion of these works speed data will be obtained from all approaches to the junction, with consideration being given to further improvements if deemed necessary.

It was felt that traffic speed needs to be reduced further and the problem of lorries turning into the High Street from the car par entrance was highlighted. (Post meeting note: Cllr. Wingham has reported both points to Mr. Corcoran.)

A resident of North Street has written regarding traffic speeds through the village. NOTED.

Letter from JTC Chairman – The reply was tabled and disappointment at its content NOTED.


Full Council Decisions:

01/00379/AS Mount House, Benenden Road
NO OBJECTIONS Demolition of existing two storey extension and replacement with two storey brick and tile extension
TC/01/05070/AS Biddenden Place, Tenterden Road
NO OBJECTIONS T1 Willow – fell


01/00837/AS – Browns Yard

Change of Use from a former contracting yard (sui generis) to storage and distribution depot (B1/B8)

The Chairman confirmed that permission had been granted despite the objections of the Parish Council, the Borough Councillor, WKPS, CPRE, eight local residents and against the Planning Officer’s recommendation. The matter is to be pursued with Cllr. Bell.


The cheques presented were APPROVED and signed.

Excavation of lower car park – The reason for the delays to these works was explained. Extra bollards may be required to prevent cars ‘cutting’ into the bank. NOTED.


Millennium Field Noticeboard:

British Gates

1 Iroko noticeboard as per sketch, approx. o/a size of 8’ x 5’ each sash, fixed and fitted with laminated glass.

Will provide Iroko backing for (Biddenden Millennium Field sign) but signwriting by others.

Will provide 2 oak posts, planed all round with coach screws for fixing (on site) by others. Size of post 9’ x ex 5’’ x5’’ – once weathered.

Sashes will be fixed from the rear with coach screws to enable information to be changed from time to time.







£837.00 +

£146.47 Vat



A draft design layout was tabled. Cllr Richards confirmed that a previous quote from a National Company had exceeded £2,000.00 and that funding to cover this project had been received via a grant application. A proposition to proceed with the above quote was made by Cllr. Harrison, seconded and AGREED.

Village Noticeboard – a request has been received for the refurbishment of the noticeboard outside the Red Lion. Mr. Stroud is to be asked to submit a quote.

(Maintenance charge for the Cricket Club 2001/02 & Blaze Advert will be included on the October Agenda)


Skate Park Petition - Cheeselands Recreation Ground:

The draft Ashford Borough Council Plan Action Plan (2002-2005) shows recreational facilities for teenagers in Biddenden as a "2nd priority" within the Borough.

Cllr. Harrison is to report back at the next meeting with details of a similar scheme planned for Smarden.

There is still a problem with dumped rubbish and bonfires on this site. The Clerk is to follow this up with Ashford BC.

Matters raised by public at the last meeting:

Village Green Maintenance – Clerk to ask for the Green to be cut again as it was reported that it had not been done in the last four weeks.

New noticeboard – The breakdown of information displayed on the three High Street Noticeboards was confirmed as follows:

Turner’s Stores – Parish Council notices, minutes etc.

Red Lion – KCC, Ashford BC notices etc.

The Rectory – other information.

Hedgerow and verge by school – Reported to the Highways Unit.

Other Correspondence:

New Parish Paths Partnership Map - KCC wishes to illustrate the new maps with local features and is asking for suggestions. Refer to Cllr. Stokes.

Biddenden Blaze (Friday 2nd November) – Permission for the use of the playing field for the annual Blaze Event & Carnival was granted together with permission for advertising boards on the Village Green. AGREED.

The following items of correspondence were NOTED:

Ashford BC Structure - Dates for meetings of the new Executive have been received together with the "Forward Plan" of key decisions to be taken.

Consultation on a proposal to establish a new Health Authority for Kent & Medway - as part of a nationwide re-organisation of the NHS - will run until 30th November 2001. Comments are invited before 30th November.

Biddenden Vineyards – An application for a new licence will be heard on 13th September.

Village Hall – An event to mark the completion of works at the hall will take place at 2.30p.m. on 13th October 2001.


POLICE REPORT – No report.


The RoSPA Safety Report has been received.

It was reported that the Sports Pavilion has experienced a major break-in.

Authority to purchase grass seed for the area between the oak trees and the car park was GRANTED, as was permission to purchase the bulbs for the Village Green.


After lengthy discussions, it was decided to consider the matter further at the next meeting. AGREED.


Mr. & Mrs. Hams have joined the Committee and are working on the Nature Trail.

The progress of the investigations into the drainage problems at the top pond was reported. Outside help will be needed with the required excavation work. NOTED.

The terms of reference for the Millennium Field Committee were AGREED.


Specification for Playing Field and Village Mowing Rural Housing Trust Proposals, Consider Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Skate Park, RoSPA Report, Millennium Beacon


The next meeting of the Council will take place on Tuesday 9th October 2001 at the Club House.

The meeting closed at 9.37p.m

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