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Highways Improvement Plan

Kent County Council Highways have invited Biddenden Parish Council to help develop a "Highways Improvement Plan" (HIP) for the Parish.

We all know that highways improvements are expensive, and plans are often delivered over a long period of time. There will be times when priorities change, depending on circumstances at the time. Ultimately it is the Highways Authority (KCC) who will set priorities and make decisions, but they are actively seeking the views from Parish Councils. The Biddenden HIP will become a living document, revisited regularly, and, updated periodically by the council with KCC.

Biddenden Parish Council regularly engage with the Highways Authority and the County Councillor, Mike Hill, on safety matters. However, the Council would like Biddenden's HIP to involve as many residents as possible. Some issues we already know about. We would especially like parishioners to tell us about highways problems in their neighbourhoods in addition to commenting on some general issues like speeding traffic on the main roads, juggernauts etc.

We know traffic speed is a major concern and we also want KCC Highways to offer more solutions. We would like you to tell us your concerns in your neighbourhood on this form. We would also welcome parishioners working directly with us to gather evidence and create the Highways Improvement Plan. With your input, we hope to identify all of the problems by June and create a plan over the summer with a view to asking parishioner feedback on the plan in September before it is sent to KCC.

Zones already identified include: Castleton's Oak, Benenden Road; Woolpack Corner and Dashmonden; High Street; North Street and Tenterden Road; High Halden Road; Sissinghurst Road; Chulkhurst.

Hopefully, parishioners will come forward with other concerns of which we aren't aware. Each area has its own particular problems and needing different solutions. Each zone and problem will be identified, and solutions will be suggested in the plan. We also want to build up a bank of evidence to support the concerns. This is really where parishioners can help. If we can present evidence which is more than anecdotal, we will always have a stronger case.

All comments and suggestions will be anonymised before being used. In addition, Biddenden Parish Council values and respects your privacy and will not pass any details identifying parishioners to any third party. All comments will be treated in confidence. Our Data protection policy is available on the Parish Council website. We do not need all of your details to help us with the plan, we will only need one form of communication to set up a dialogue with you. You can help us as much or as little as you wish.

We really look forward to working with parishioners on the Highways Improvement Plan over the next few months.

Can you take photos or video of the problem and share them with us?

You can also email your comments, evidence, photos and details directly to the parish clerk:: or download and complete the attached PDF form and mail to the Clerk.

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